Denmark – Australia, June 21, 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

Denmark – Australia, June 21, 2018, forecast and bet on the world Cup

    Дания – Австралия, 21 июня 2018, прогноз и ставки на ЧМ по футболуDenmark

    In the second match of the Nordic team will go from Kazan to Samara. The Australians will also come to the game from out of town, but from Saransk.

    The Danes managed to break through in final part of world championship on football in Russia at the last moment. In the play-off qualifiers they met with the representatives of Ireland. The first match the team goals are not scored. But in the second game, and guest, Danish team unexpectedly defeated the Irish with the score 5:1. So do not underestimate them. At least during the group stage, where they will face national teams of Australia, Peru and France. The Danes may not the favorites of the Quartet, but the fight to give any of the opponents they can.

    Team Australia

    Players under the guidance of an experienced coach Angiotherapy understand that their chances of qualifying from the group is very small. And with Denmark points they lose is simply impossible. Consequently, Australians will take the field in Samara in full combat readiness.

    The first friendly match of the 2018 squad played against a team from Norway. This is clear evidence of the training of Australians to a confrontation with the Danes. That's just the Norwegians, the team from the distant continent lost with the score 4:1. So Postecoglou there is a serious reason for worries. After all, Denmark is objectively stronger than their neighbors. But the time for preparation of Australians still there.


    We are confident in the outcome of this match. Our forecast – P1. After all, the Danes are much more powerful team from Australia.

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