Projections for the 2018 world Cup hockey

Projections for the 2018 world Cup hockey

    Прогнозы на чемпионат мира по хоккею 2018

    Died down the games of the Olympic hockey tournament, a memorable victory for the Russian team under the Olympic flag and a sensational performance in Germany. More attention hockey fans gets ahead of the 2018 world Cup.

    In the period may 4-20 ice hockey venues in Denmark, 16 teams will compete for the title of the strongest on the planet. Unlike the Olympics, will arrive to Europe a significant number of NHL players that will adversely affect the strength of the canadian and American teams that will not look so modestly, as a month earlier.

    It is not surprising that a canadian team of experts consider as the main potential contenders for victory. The same opinion is shared by analysts bookmakers. As the main competitors for Canada are teams of Russia and Sweden, do demonstrate today high level of hockey like NHL players, and without them.

    High chances for medals and the team of Finland, traditionally have successfully performed on the world stage. Will compete for awards and representatives of the Czech Republic with the United States, but today's formulations are far from the strongest versions of a decade ago.

    If you remember the troublemakers from Germany, Denmark will support a huge number of fans, but still exit in the quarter-final can be considered for them as much as possible from results. For hit in the eight of the strongest have all the chances of Slovak and Swiss teams, traditionally forming the second tier of the world elite hockey.

    It is hoped that the Russian team will meet the forecasts of experts and bring home medals to Denmark.

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