Bookmakers with Master/Visa card account BK

букмекерские конторы с мастери и виза картойOne of the most popular ways to Fund accounts and withdraw winnings in betting offices for many years, even decades, to remain your transaction with credit cards. And, according to statistics, the majority of accounts that are associated with the cash flows that connect bookmakers and their customers relate to payment systems VISA and MasterCard.

Let's focus on the main aspects in the work of these companies and analyze in detail how exactly to use them to facilitate the transfer of funds in cooperation with bookmakers.

Basic information about the system

MasterCard, founded in 1966, is an international payment system, the calculations are carried out in which two hundred ten countries. Almost a fifth of all Bank card accounts for her share. While in Russia this percentage is higher than the third. All with the logo of MasterCard on the territory of our country produced more than eighty million cards.

Not much younger and another us company, Visa. She appeared in 1970. Just ten years ago Visa was more than fifty percent of the total produced plastic in the world. But now the situation has changed somewhat and the company's influence weakened. However, these cards are leading in the number of payments are accepted in more than hundred countries and represent more than a third of the total number of credit cards.

The main difference from Visa MasterCard is that the first focuses on the implementation of payment primarily in dollars, and the second sharpened for transaction as in the U.S. currency and in euros.

How to open an account (to card)?

For getting bancoscoy card (this applies to both payment systems), it is sufficient to open an account in the relevant institution with a particular company. The majority of Russian banks, even after the imposition of sanctions in the spring of 2014, working with Visa and MasterCard.

Almost immediately after opening the account, you will receive the card. Keep in mind that the calculations you will be able to spend in the currency in which the opened Bank account. For cooperation with domestic bookies this nuance is not critical to our offices usually accept payments in all major currencies. But to work with foreign BC it is best to open a dollar account.

How are transactions?

For transactions it is enough to use Internet banking (usually this service is available to all users, but before opening an account better this time specify) or to conduct a transaction using a mobile device. For the second option is perfect even a simple telephone. In the first and in the second case, you need to know details (account) of the bookmaker to whom you intend to transfer funds.

What with the Commission?

The Commission and MasterCard and Visa, for the most part depends on the conditions dictated by the particular Bank in which the account was opened. Almost always it does not exceed one percent of the amount, and in many cases non-existent.

Replenishment of the game account at the bookmaker

To make a Deposit to your account in one of the BK, you need to:

  1. To register in the office.
  2. Log in to your personal account.
  3. To bind their Bank card to the account. This is done very simply, directly on the page of the personal account. After that you will be able to recharge your account and withdraw winnings on this same map.
  4. Enter the card number and transfer.the sum to the account office.

As you can see, nothing complicated about it. And on the reliability of this method of depositing and withdrawing funds is considered to be one of the most reliable.

Bookmakers with Master/Visa card

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