Bookmakers with Webmoney/WebMoney

Букмекерские конторы с WebmoneyWebmoney is one of the most popular payment systems in Russia. First the service started working in 1998 year, but special popularity in recent years with the growth in our country, volumes of Internet trade. The service allows for the possibility of working with a large number of currencies, purchases, organization of remittances, currency exchange and so on. To date, Webmoney acts as the primary means of replenishment of the Russian-speaking bettors, who prefer to play via the Internet.

The creation of an electronic wallet

The process of creating a Webmoney e-wallet is simple, and allows you to use two options. System Keeper Classic is a small program to work with the service, and the system Keeper Light offering the job directly through the website. The majority of users prefer the first system for its enhanced functionality and improved reliability. Step-by-step process of registration in the system is simple and straightforward. The only requirement is that you need to provide real data, especially e-mail addresses to which e-mails confirming your registration in the service. Upon completion of the registration process, the owner of the purse gets WMID-ID used as username when logging in to the system.

Commission and transaction

For all of the operations with the use of funds, including any transfers, you will be charged a Commission in amount of 0,8% of the total amountdebited from the sender's account.

At organizatio transactions users of the service Webmoney have the option of installing protection, including temporary, allowing the recipient to receive cash when you enter a special code or after a certain amount of time.

Dear customers!

The system allows you to Fund your wallet in two ways: by transferring electronic money from another wallet or transfer of real money to electronic. For owners of one purse the second method is the most popular. He, in turn, also varies several available options:

  • By Bank transfer, the system will need to prepare a translation of the ordered funds through a special form, and then transfer funds through the Bank.
  • Exchange real cash through the exchange offices, located in most major Russian cities.
  • Using a special plastic card that have a certain value.

Ability to withdraw funds from the account are similar to the methods of replenishment and allow you to receive funds in the exchange, the withdrawal to the Bank account or Bank card.

Deposits in bookmakers with Webmoney purse

Almost all the leading bookmakers offer their customers the possibility of gaming wallet and withdraw funds from the account using Webmoney.

The recruiting process is maximally simplified. On the relevant page of the player you want to choose to make a payment via Webmoney, then enter write off amount and account number from which the transfer will be made. After confirmation of the transaction the user will need to enter a verification code sent to the mobile phone of the player.

Enrollment money on a purse is carried out instantly, with the transfer will be charged a standard Commission of 0.8% of the transfer amount.

The process of withdrawal of funds the flow of money to the purse Webmoney can take several days depending on the conditions of the particular bookmaker.

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