Букмекерские конторы с Яндекс.ДеньгиWith the popularity of betting via the Internet, the user has a need to use electronic gaming wallet and withdraw your winnings. One of the most popular in Russia is Yandex.The money, which appeared in 2002-m to year. Its author was the company "Yandex" one of the national leaders of the Internet industry.

The huge popularity of the payment system is simple and accessible, allowing the use of the opportunities offered even with minimal knowledge of computers. Given the popularity of the service, are actively using and bookmakers. To date, more than half of all bookmakers offer their services in Russian-speaking versions, allow carrying out operations using Yandex.Money.

Create wallet - Bank card

The procedure for creating a purse in system Yandex.Money so easy, and takes users no more than 10-15 minutes, and in many cases much less time. It is worth noting that the service can work with the pages of the Yandex online, and as separate programs. For owners of e-mail Yandex, the procedure is even simpler and requires only activation of the wallet.

Recently Yandex.Money offers users to use plastic cards allowing without problems to use money from the account anywhere in the world. Getting a card is free, like recharging through "Sberbank" and many network communication salons.

Commission and transaction

If you Fund your wallet in Yandex.Money shall not be charged except in those cases where the user uses to popolnine third-party services or banks establishing their own margins. In the organization of remittance transfer system charges a fee to the recipient, ie the user at the time of withdrawal from the accounts of the bookmakers. It is regardless of the destination of 0.5% of the amount transferred. At the same time when gaming purses each bookmaker sets its own minimum thresholds which usually amount to a few hundred rubles.

The completion of the purse

To replenish the electronic purse Yandex.Money, you can use several ways:

  • Through the numerous payment terminals, available in almost every store (no Commission)
  • Through money transfer systems Contact, Anelik and so on (Commission rates according to system)
  • With its own Bank account. Especially true when connected to Internet banking
  • Using plastic cards of partner banks or card Andes.Money
  • With other payment systems, including Webmoney, in the presence of verification in both systems

Despite the variety of available methods, the most popular and common is the remote replenishment of Bank accounts and cash funding through numerous terminals are located within walking distance.

A Deposit bookmakers Yandex.Money

As mentioned above, the most common among fans betting bookmakers offer users the ability to recharge account via Yandex. Money.Bookmakers as simplify the procedure of Deposit, so players only need to go to account, select the method of transfer of funds through Yandex.Money, then enter amount and enter the data from your personal wallet. Then you will need to confirm payment, which often used confirmation using send SMS password or login to your wallet and confirm the transfer. It is worth noting that recently to transfer funds to the account of bookmakers required the passport data, which is done in the framework of the Russian legislation.

A list of bookmakers with Yandex.Money

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