Bookmakers Netteller and replenishment of the game account

Букмекерские конторы нетеллер

Russian players often begin their gaming activities on the Internet, using such monetary systems as Yandex, WebMoney, QIWI. But, if you want to go to a higher level of match practice, and begin to work with the best sportsbooks the Internet seriously, then you need to learn how to work with other payment systems, which, incidentally, often offer even more favorable terms. We suggest to familiarize with the payment system Neteller, which will help you not only to bet in BC, but also to buy goods over the Internet, and conduct other monetary transactions.

What is Neteller?

The main "highlight" of this payment system is that it is functional where there standard ways of entering cash, do not work. Therefore, the system Neteller, is very popular among players playing at online casinos, poker sites and in BC.

People should only open an account and he will have the opportunity to make any monetary transactions without revealing their personal information. So working with the payment system, professional better, can easily conduct any transactions, even on sites where there are problems with the traditional payment methods.

How to start working with the payment system?

To start working in the system should:

  • Go through a simple registration on the official website.
  • Confirm your details with copies of passport, driving licence, Bank statements.
  • You can order a special card which is issued by the system in conjunction with MasterCard. She will come to your location, and can be used for three years. It is possible to make any payments, including the ability to buy goods and pay for it.

What you need to pass the verification?

In order to use all the features of Neteller, must pass the verification process. Once you confirm your identity, you will have the following features:

  • Increased limits for money transfers.
  • To order a plastic card through which you can make any monetary transactions, including the ability to order the product and pay for it.
  • Transfer money to your Bank account.

To confirm your identity you must log in your personal account and send the following documents:

  • Confirming your identity: a scan of the passport, or driver's license, photo passport or driving licence in his hands.
  • Confirming your place of residence: any document that shows your address and has your name on it. It may be receipts on utilities, Bank statements, etc.

In order to send documents, your balance must be positive.

The Commission

When working online, the system has a zero Commission value. But there are some other operations are levied with little money:

  • Obtaining and maintenance of plastic card for free.
  • The ability to order goods and pay in the online shop for free.
  • Replenishment of the account in the system, by transferring from another Bank free of charge.
  • Refill with plastic is another Bank 1.75% of the amount.
  • Transfers within the system for free.
  • Cash advance via ATM 6 dollars regardless of the amount.
  • The purchase of other currencies of 2.95% of the amount.

The Net+ Prepaid MasterCards and other details

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In order to replenish the account in the system, it is best to use Bank transfers, or to use the system In this case, the Commission will not be charged. Transfer money on plastic, only on the map of the system, n the other is not.



The main advantages and disadvantages of Neteller


  • Zero Commission, as with all well-known poker sites.
  • Using coins, the money in the account can be credited without a fee.
  • When registering in the system, it is possible to obtain a plastic card.
  • A lot of bonuses for the members of the system.


  • Registration requires real data and scan the passport.
  • Single currency account.
  • The impossibility of transferring money on a plastic card of another Issuer.

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