Champions League: bets of the bookmakers CSKA – Sparta (Prague), forecast, odds

The headquarters of the Moscow CSKA, the Champions League draw, with the result that the rival Russians had Prague 'Sparta', is very successful. Could be worse, e.g. 'Fenerbahce' from Turkey. Although the fights with people of Prague need to be vigilant.

But the first match will take place still in Moscow, and in memory of the army still alive memories of the two games with 'Sparta' in the group stage of the Europa League five years ago. Then in Russia, CSKA decided already in the first meeting, defeating the Czechs won 5:0. The second meeting, not having been of fundamental importance, ended in Prague with a draw 1:1. It is worth considering that in structures of both clubs a lot of players in the season 2010/2011 played against each other, but because it will be a meeting of old friends.

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CSKA are clear favourites in the first match. Apparently, they took pre-season and scored a spectacular game in the first round of the championship of Russia against the 'ruby'. This meeting was useful for CSKA because Kazan away defensive football is the same as 'Sparta'. So the rehearsal for the Russian team turned out that is necessary.

But the questions still remained. Praguers are traditionally strong at home, but because CSKA Moscow to secure a comfortable advantage to go to the Czech Republic for the return match, without trembling at the knees. Although, if to speak about the confrontation of the 'Sparta' with Russian clubs, they do not remember the landslide victory of the Czechs in their own stadium on the Moscow 'Spartak' in 1999, 5:2. However, it is the ancient.

And in this particular match , the bookies and experts practically do not doubt in the victory of the army. But assuming a more modest expense in favor of CSKA with a difference of two goals, not more.

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