Boxing Wladimir Klitschko - Tyson fury October 24, betting bookmakers, odds, prediction for the match

Боксерский поединок Владимир Кличко _ Тайсон ФьюриIn Germany the 28th of November this year in Dusseldorf will be a Boxing match between Vladimir Klitschko and British heavyweight Tyson fury. In the fight of the Ukrainian boxer will defend his title simultaneously in four versions. The British first received the right to fight for the title with the Ukrainian athlete in 2013-m to year, but was in no hurry to exercise their right. After that, his career was a new success and the opportunity to compete for several titles.

Rating from rivals

Today Wladimir Klitschko has much more experience. In his 39 years he spent on a professional ring 67 fights, of which lost only three, and in 53 cases it was possible for him to complete the match with an early victory. Tyson, Fire much younger, British only 26 years old. In his career until now had 24 fights in which he never lost. The number of knockouts is 18.

It is worth noting that for the first time in recent years in the fight Vladimir Klitschko will have a physical advantage over your opponent. Weight boxers are approximately equal, 112 pounds to 117 in favor of the British, but fury has a growth of 206 inches, which makes it above Ukrainian 8 inches. Accordingly there will be Klitschko and traditional advantage in length of arms.

The opinions of the bookies

Before the fight there are still four months and the largest bookmakers already offer the option to bet on the match. While the obvious favorite is Vladimir Klitschko, the victory had a ratio of 1.22. For comparison, wishing to put on fury have the opportunity to receive if you win the amount 4.5 times more delivered.

Interestingly, while the majority of bets made by fans of the SPsortivnyh rates for young British boxer.

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