Sport predictions All Bets

Sport predictions All Bets


  • Number of sports: 3
  • Permeability predictions (in %): 61
  • The average number of published forecasts of the day: 3
  • Positive reviews: 90%
  • The cost of paid forecasts: от 33 до 150 рублей
Trust rating:

Editorial All Bets consists of three professional cappers that are free and paid predictions for sport. Each of these experts specializiruetsya on one or two sports, so the predictions from All Bets high permeability. The portal keeps detailed statistics of the rates and has managed to prove itself well in Runet.

Predictions for the most popular sports.

The cappers All Bets are predictions only on 3 types of activities:

  • Football.
  • Hockey.
  • Tennis.

Each expert is responsible for its own sport, so the forecasts are of high quality and competent Analytics. The cappers estimate the probability of winning different types of betting: single bets (for winner), handicaps, totals, and several additional types of bet (win team with a certain goal difference, goals scored, corners, and more). The editorial team gives predictions online for all the major matches for tonight and in the coming days.

Permeability predictions All Bets.

The average permeability of the forecasts, All Bets is 60.8%. The best statistics predictions football: 1.125 forecasts 73% were accurate and brought profit in the amount of 123,7%. Predictions hockey also demonstrate good results, they come true in 63% of cases and generate income is 40.7%.

Predictions tennis show the worst results: only 47% of them are accurate, so the expert evaluation did not bring profit, but, on the contrary, loss - of 28.5%. It is worth noting that the editors of All Bets does not hide the negative outcome of the predictions on tennis. The cappers that are on> tvechayu for this sport, gradually improve the quality of analytical materials in January permeability predictions for tennis is 71.4%.

The number of forecasts per day.

The editors All Bets publishes one to three free and three paid forecast day. The cappers take not quantity but quality, so the website can boast a huge number of sports events. The portal is suitable for those players, for whom sports betting is a hobby, not a job.

47.2% of predictions (1.125) made on football matches, tennis is in second place (685 forecasts), and hockey on the third (573 forecast). The editors of the portal increases the number of free predictions during major international sporting events. For example, the capper was at the 3 day forecast for the matches of the world Cup.

Paid predictions of All Bets.

The editors All Bets offers to buy the subscription for paid predictions of three types:

  • Forecasts "Ladder" (consist of three steps).
  • The predictions of "Single" (one of three sports).
  • Forecasts "Express" (the forecasts for all three sports).

For each type of forecasts you can subscribe for 1, 7 or 30 days. Less likely are the forecasts of "Ordinary" - from 33 rubles to the forecast, the cost forecast "Express" starts from 333 rubles, the highest price set at predictions of the "Ladder" - from 1.166 rubles for the forecast.

All Bets accepts credit card Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and PEACE.

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