Check-in at several bookmakers at the same time - the pros, cons, risks, earnings.

Check-in at several bookmakers at the same time - the pros, cons, risks, earnings.

несколько аккаунтов для букмекерских конторToday, the Internet allows fans of sports betting to access dozens of domestic and foreign bookmakers. The most expedient solution would be not selecting a single bookmaker and the most convenient for the player, and several offices. The reasons for this are several.

The flexibility of the game

Neither firm is not able to be perfect. In the same company as fully disclosed football, another office offers a convenient interface for Live betting, in the third you can find a lot of additional features. To take advantage of all these benefits, you just need to register in all three offices, and depending on the current needs to choose one or another option.

Do not forget that each Sportsbook has its own limits and various constraints between them can be varied by turning to the services of a particular firm. All of this gives much more freedom in the game, as it provides not only convenience, but also more opportunities for earnings.

Increased profitability

Each bookmaker sets its own odds and they can vary between bookmakers 3-5% or even more. Accordingly, choosing among several available options the highest of cafe can significantly improve the efficiency of the game. For example, in exprecce of three events with odds ratio of 1.3 the total amount to 2,197. If the odds will be a total of 1.32, the resulting ratio will amount to 2.3.

At the rate of 2000 rubles, the difference in payout will be 200 rubles. If these bets this week will be at least 10, and the difference in the winnings will amount to 2,000 rubles. And this is not the limit benefits to the difference of the coefficients.


We should not exclude the risk of cessation of operation of the bookmaker occurrence at sites, technical problems, or simply blocking the accounts of successful players by setting minimum limits.

Not to be in a difficult situation, it is advisable to have multiple accounts. If one of them will be temporarily or permanently unavailable, you can always quickly go to other offices that have the registration.