Free betting picks and tips football today ⚽ Predictions Robo

Free betting picks and tips football today ⚽ Predictions Robo

Additional information
Счет - прогнозируемый результат игры;
П1 - победа первой команды;
П2 - победа второй команды;
X - ничейный результат;
Коэффициент - удвоенная разница мячей. Положительное число означает выигрыш домашней команды, минус - гостевой.
Победа хозяев
Победа хозяев или ничья
Выиграют гости
Победа гостей или ничья

That's just to make in practice it is much more complex than it seems at first glance. Each BK has a team of professional analyststhat use technical means of computation of probabilities, and control coefficients based on player behavior. To emerge victorious from the confrontation with a real machine not just.

To the person is not left alone with a whole team, we offer a new service of free football predictions from professional experts. With our help, your predictions will become more accurate and the chances of winning and material well-being is more significant.

The authors of the forecasts are the experienced professionals, based in the analysis of each game on an extensive statistical material, including the team's performance in the domestic and international arena, the actual state, playing style, average performance, and other evaluation criteria. Mandatory when forecasting is taken into account the existing background.

Read the predictions for all football matches of 2019 today

We offer on the website forecasts cover not only the games of the leading European Championships and international tournaments like the Champions League, but the matches are less popular tournaments that the player would never notice. Meanwhile, in such competitions there is a large amount of really attractive offers with favorable odds.

If you are seriously considering betting on football bookmakers, as a way to make extra money, and plan not just to lose money, and regularly beat the bookies, predictions from will be a good tool for both beginners and for experienced veterans. On our site you will always be able to know when today's football, which teams are the favourites and what you should pay attention betting bookmakers.

How to use the "Top bets of the week"

In the section "Top bets this week" you will see a list of the most popular in the present period of sports competitions and events. In the header section "Top bets this week," integrated filter by the values in each column. Each column will definitely be useful to the bettor, and some will be useful even for the analysis of their mistakes.

In the section "Betting tips" is a compilation of the following sections:

    • predicted score;
    • P1 — victory of the first team;
    • X — draw;
    • P2 — the victory of the second team;
    • ratio.

Why predictions differ in color and the numbers next to them?

Colour is essential for easier differentiation of the forecasts. So, for example, green means win, red means that guests will win.

A lighter shade of green means a home win or even a draw, but a light shade of red means already away win or a draw the same.

The numbers next to the forecasts indicate double the goal difference. A positive number means a win for the home team minus away team. For example, the index -4,0 means that the guest team will win with two goals, while the index with a positive value of 3.0 would mean a victory for the home team with the advantage of 1.5 goals.

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What do we offer?

First, use your head! Avoid random betting, do not engage them on obum. Do not be a majority!
Secondly, the real facts and solid information, the best assistants any self-respecting professional player. Use them and your chances of winning increase!
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Useful options of our website:

Forecasts and reviews of upcoming games - compare their own opinion with the opinion of our cappers, and build your own forecast for who to bet.
Sports statistics study of the standings, the results of the previous games, rankings, teams and players. Identify clear favourites for the competition.
Description of the systems and key business strategies for betting

A couple of useful chips:

Autobot - program analysis of the upcoming matches, automatically generating a forecast for the game winner in percentage of runs for algorithm comparison of the results of past games. Arbirlot - the program scans the odds of bookmakers, and provides in a table information about "forks" arbitration situations