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Analysis, traffic monitoring line odds bookmakers

Analysis, traffic monitoring line odds bookmakers

The odds of the bets is the key parameter that directly affects the payout. Through analysis of the line ratios in different bookmakers, you can not only increase the likelihood of victory and increase the winning amount. Edition Online-bookmakers.ru made a list of recommendations for the batters. In this article you will learn how to monitor the betting lines and what to do in case of change of the coefficients.

Bookmakers set different odds on the same event

Players rarely make bets in different bookmakers. The vast majority of punters are betting with the same company. This behavior is justified because the difference in odds at the bookies is not very big. Office are insured from using plugs that allow the player to place a wager in different BC for one event and for any result to be won. In the long term, even small changes in the coefficients can affect the General statistics office to generate additional revenue or, conversely, losses. There are times when a bookie sets the odds, significantly different from the conditions of the competition. This most often happens in the case if experts have precise information about the favorite of the match. Some punters base their game on finding these bets and earn good money.

Use your own coefficients and coefficients of BC

Betting line is developed with one main goal - to divide the opinions of players on roughly equal parts (the amount of winnings). This is done to ensure that all rates are not focused on the result. If this happens, the bookmaker will lose. Therefore, the coefficient of the bet on the obvious favorite in the competition is always extremely small.

There is a simple yet effective betting strategy is called Value betting (betting evaluation). Its meaning is to calculate their own coefficient. To calculate the odds answer the question: how many times team a will beat team B in 10 matches and then multiply that number by 10. As a result, you get a probability of victory of team A in percent (for example, 30%, 40%, etc.).

If you use the tactics of betting Value the main difficulty lies in the determination of the number of wins. Specialists bookmakers rich experience, so they can more accurately determine the probability of an outcome. But we should not exclude the human factor - the experts make predictions on thousands of events and can make a mistake somewhere. Don't always rely on the opinion of the bookmaker, if you do not agree with the position of the office, make a bet on your favorite.

What to do if there is odds movement?

In anticipation of the sporting events almost always change the betting odds. Often bookies make small changes from 0.1 to 0.3. If the probability of winning one of the teams increased by 0.5 or more, bookmakers, most likely, I suspect that the match will be negotiable.

Predicting a specific outcome, the bookmaker determines the initial bet. When players bet, in terms of betting is changing. If one of the results begins to prevail, the bookmaker changes the ratio to increase the number of bets on the opposite outcome. Betting on the favorite of the match are low odds, so the win amount will be modest. But you can try to find the bookie that did not change the initial odds and bet on favorable terms.

Conclusions. To achieve a result in the game:

  • To work with several bookmakers,
  • Analyze the betting lines.
  • Use bettercreme strategies.
  • To follow changes in the coefficients.
  • To examine the predictions from the sports experts.

On the website Online-bookmakers.ru published an article about the Services for comparison of betting odds. These platforms represent aggregators bets with several bookmakers, with their help you can easily and quickly choose the best deals.

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