Cryptocurrency Bitcoin bookmaker

Bitcoin в ставках на спорт

Cryptocurrency has created a boom not only in commercial exchanges but in the different online services, keep up with modern trends and bookmaker sports betting, where is also possible to open an account using Bitcoin. Players are attracted by the fact that such currency is immediately transferred and a low Commission. Sportsbooks that accept Bitcoin and convert it, not so much, here is their list:

  • melbet;
  • 1xbit;
  • 5dimes;
  • pinnacle;

It should be noted that all of these bookmakers are illegal in Russia, according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation, the legal bookmakers who carry on their gaming activities are not permitted to accept bitcoin.

Sports betting in bitcoin. Key benefits

The use of cryptocurrency in sports betting, it is not the whim of the players, so you can get a number of advantages. First and foremost, it is very convenient and fast, the batters don't like to wait for translations, especially when you urgently need to deliver. Another significant advantage is that when betting using bitcoin does not need identity, many people like to remain anonymous, especially if we are talking about big players, which not everyone wants to take bets.

And so, the main advantages of bitcoin betting are:

  • efficiency - bitcoins can fast transfer, with Bank accounts so it does not appear the delay and some electronic wallets. Cryptocurrency may be a slight delay, only if the amount is large, but will have to wait no more than an hour;
  • security - best sportsbooks, though, and protect the accounts of their players from hacker break-ins, but still sometimes steal money. Cryptocurrency does not work, transfers are made without intermediaries, that is, increasing the level of security;
  • anonymity - no need to confirm your identity, so the implementation rate, in fact will not even know the bookie. Such confidentiality has attracted many players, no one will know better won a large sum.

Commission and withdrawal

One of the advantages of sports betting in bitcoins is that the player pays no taxes and commissions from your winnings, that is certainly like professional players. For account replenishment or withdrawal of funds, it is necessary to specify the number of bitcoin addresses, which can be found in your bitcoin wallet, no names, passports, and questions. If a player wants to create a bitcoin wallet, it is done very quickly on the website here, too, will not have to leave any personal data after a few minutes the wallet will be created and active.

Advantages of sports betting in bitcoin are obvious, but the punters who reside in the territory of the Russian Federation should understand that if the bookies are to behave in bad faith, no legal ways of dealing with them, as they are prohibited in Russia.