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01 окт 2018 в 21:13

What is betting fork

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Often experienced bookmakers to secure a guaranteed income, resorting to various tricks or stratagems. Betting fork is one of such strategies.

If a player registers bets on the same sporting event, but with all the possible outcomes, he puts betting fork. This type of betting is known as arbitrage situation. It enables batters to earn money without any risk: calculate the values of the coefficients, you can select the office, the margin of which will earn in any case, whatever was the outcome of a sporting event.

Quotes sports betting on different betting resources can vary significantly, and it allows you to choose arbitrage betting in such a way to always stay with a profit.

Example betting fork

Well, you can understand the gist of arbitrage on a real example. May we chose sporting event - tennis tournament, which are two participants: the tennis player No. 1 and player No. 2. Sportsbook "A" offers to bet on the victory of party # 1 with a coefficient of 2.1, and BK "B" offers the same odds to win the second one.

We put bookmaker fork:

in the office "And" registered $ 100 on the victory of tennis player No. 1 with a factor of 2.1; at the office "B" put another $ 100 on the victory of tennis player No. 2 with the same coefficient of 2.1.

поиск букмекерских вилок

Whoever wins the tournament, we are guaranteed to get your $ 10. The percentage of earnings is not very large, most often it does not exceed 4-5% of the amount bid, but in the analysis of a large number of events, you can meet a lot of different options and organize for themselves a decent income.

With the increasing popularity of arbitrage betting, there is even a special software for automatic tracking and calculation of all actual offers. Some apps are distributed for a fee, others offer free trial versions of programs.

Arbitrage betting and bookmakers

However, there is a downside forklift strategy: bookmakers are familiar with arbitration rates and serious follow-up such registration. Security service betting resources day and night checks players ' bets on the subject of arbitration and if you are caught, at best you just cancel the bet, but can permanently close account in this office.

You can't call betting fork safe strategy. To make arbitration possible, on this principle is built the whole investment banking, but you need to clearly understand that you can lose the money invested.

Officially, betting fork is a prohibited strategy. Many bookmakers have warned their players about further punishment for "milosnikow": the company can significantly reduce the size of the maximum bet, increase the bet confirmation time or simply block that user's account.

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