Two-factor authentication 1xbet and "1хСтавка"

Two-factor authentication 1xbet and

    Two popular bookmaker "1xbet" and "1хСтавка" introduced to your new service protective function – two-factor user authentication. Betting is rapidly gaining popularity in Russia and other CIS countries, there is drawn a large amount of money, so it should be securely protect the game accounts of the participants in this sphere. Two-factor authentication 1xbet and "1хСтавка" is a big step for the safety of the batters.

    As it was before

    Most bookmakers allows you to withdraw your money earned on betting, in the same way that you replenish the balance. For example, if the money went into your account via the payment system QIWI-Bank, and withdraw the winning only on a QIWI-purse.

    Options Deposit there is a large number: it's the banks and EPS and e-wallets, but the input and output monetary amounts should pass through one payment system. This organization monetary makes users ' accounts vulnerable, because knowing the account password, the attacker has access to all accounts of the user.

    What is two-factor authentication (2FA)

    All new accounts require the creation of his login password. But this is not enough if we are talking about money transactions. The password is not the most reliable protection of your account: it often forget, lose, not enough to securely retain, and to choose a password that consists of the simplest combination of numbers, also did not make much effort.

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    To protect user accounts from unauthorized access, different servISA offer different methods of protection: this can be password, PIN or SMS codes confirming via email, etc. two-Factor authentication is a second level of authentication (verification) of the user. That is, besides entering the password, you will confirm the validity of the entry via your smartphone.

    How it works

    To enable 2FA, you must log into your account settings and activate the button enable two-factor authentication.

    This opens a window in which will generate your unique QR code. To smartphone able to scan it, you will need to install a special application for the operating system of your mobile device:

    • in Google Play for Android;
    • from AppStore for iOS.

    After installing and launching the application "Google Authenticator", bring the camera to a square QR code, and the phone will display a six-figure combination of digits that must be entered in the appropriate box.

    The whole connection procedure of two-factor authentication is fairly simple and straightforward, it will take 2 minutes of your time, but will provide more complete protection for your account. In the future, when you login, you will enter not only a password but also a verification code from your phone. This same feature will be available when you withdraw your funds.

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