Betting strategy martingale?

Betting strategy martingale?

    The martingale strategy has gained popularity among hitters , thanks to its efficiency and simplicity. It can be successfully used for betting on any sporting events in the Russian bookmakers.

    Tactics martingale implies multiplying the bet in 2 times if you lose and return to the original amount after a win. Progressive bet size may require a large sum of money, as in the case of a succession of losing the original bet 1000 rubles may rise to 8,000 rubles, and even more.

    To minimize the probability of loss, the martingale strategy is best used for bets with odds 2.00. Theoretically, the chance of winning bets on the outcome with odds of 2.00 is 50%, however, should not exclude the probability of an unfavourable outcome in which you will lose in 5-6 bets in a row. So you have to be ready for the big risk.

    Of the objective advantages of this strategy it is necessary to allocate two main points: it does not require better knowledge and is therefore ideal for beginners, the bookmaker does not believe the tactics martingale illegal and prevent players who want to use it.

    The essence of the strategy.

    The strategy applies the following scheme:

    • The player determines the amount of the starting beta, for example, 1000.
    • After losing the bet is multiplied by two: 2 000 rubles, then 4000, 8000 and so on.
    • If better won, then he begins the cycle anew with a rate of 1000 rubles.

    Progressive bet amount allows you to recoup any loss and still make a profit, equal to the first bet. In fact, the tactic gives the player an advantage, it allows you to reallocate the prize as the better loses rarely, butrupen amount of money, but win little and often.

    The odds of winning.

    We propose to consider the effectiveness of the martingale strategy in roulette:

    • You bet $5 on red and win $16 in 46% of cases, while the amount of loss is $28.
    • If you use tactics the martingale chances of winning increase to 82%, the payout increases to $66, however, the average size of loss is $462!

    This strategy is effective in the short term as a long string of losses leads to risk large financial losses. Therefore, it is better to apply for a short distance, consisting of 5-6 bets.

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