What bookmaker it is better to use in Russia?

What bookmaker it is better to use in Russia?

    The question of which bookmaker it is better to use for sports betting is one of the most important in the environment of novice batters. Today in Russia you can choose one of dozens of sites included in the list of legally operating bookmakers 2019 . Many of these companies work both online and in real offices, and take bets as before the match there and during sports rivalry.

    This diversity is easy to get lost, and make a choice not in favor of the best and most reliable, and in favor of someone better advertises itself. In this article we will examine the criteria that should be guided in order to choose the normal betting company that won't make to worry, and give all that is best in the market of sports betting.

    Licensed or informal Bq: who to choose?

    Recently in the Russian Federation there are two fundamentally different types of bookmakers: some work completely legally, having received permission from the state and other old-fashioned, tax-and corresponding state oversight.

    Legal bookmakers carry out all payments through the special Centers (Cupey), pay taxes, and because of this have a positive effect on the economy and the development of sport. Offshore (illegal) sites not only hurt the entire area, but also can be potentially dangerous from the point of view of obtaining the winnings.

    From the point of view of a beginner who knows too little about the market of betting websites, it is better to choose one of the legal grounds. They are more reliable, not blocked, do not have problems with the law and comply with all legislative requirements in relations with clients. In addition, they have many reviews online. And this will greatly facilitate basic familiarity and mastery of the functionality of the site for betting.

    On the other hand, after more detailed acquaintance with legalcrowded areas, you can go to a reliable offshore counterparts (and they really are). For example, here is an article about the testing of BK Malbec, which officially does not work with CAPICOM, but has a lot of positive feedback and good reputation.

    The age of the platform, as one of the main factors of reliability

    Betting is a game own money, which I would not like to give in the hands of an untested platform. In the case of selection of the site for sports betting, one of the main parameters is the age of the site. After the license, it effectively helps to understand who had to deal with.

    The longer the site operates, the more likely it is that this is a project designed for a long and successful work, as well as to improve its credibility. Furthermore, the choice in favor of "Oldies market" is doing because they are easier to find:

    • positive and negative feedback;
    • related with all the subtleties of work on the site;
    • articles about the problems that have been, but was accomplished successfully;
    • materials about site updates.

    Thus, it is easier to understand if there is the prospect of cooperation with a particular bookmaker.

    Line painting and ratios, as an indicator of site development

    These three parameters are related not to reliability, but very important for long-term cooperation. Depending on the preferences of a particular better, he should choose the platform which will suit him best. although there are the most versatile options.

    On the other hand, some sites are perfect for fans of betting on football, other offered the widest painting to another sport, others have a small painting, but a huge selection of sports. There are sites that periodically delight "delicious" coefficients, and there are those the betting websites that "bribe" beginners stability digits.

    In principle, it is important to understand that good BC usually in line for at least 20-25 sports, there is a section of Live-rates, and painting of individual events comes to 100-200 additional bet.

    Betting on eSports, as the future of the market

    The opportunity to bet on eSports today is an indicator that separates the really good betting websites from their analogues "of the past century". The niche is growing, betting on competition in the computer disciplines gradually "nibbled" your percentage of the profits of the bookmakers.

    Only really outdated and rarely updated platforms allow myself to abandon the eSports section. So even if you're not a fan of betting on CS:GO, FIFA or Fortnite, do not pass by check this option. It will drop sites that are hopelessly behind the others.

    The mechanism of Deposit and withdrawal of funds

    Diversity is the main parameter in the section for input and output of money on the sites of BK. To date, respecting the platform necessarily provides the following tools for depositing and withdrawal of won money:

    • credit card (Mastercard, Visa, WORLD);
    • popular electronic payment system (at least, WebMoney, Yandex.Money, QIWI and a few other);
    • transactions via mobile payments through the Russian operators.

    If though something from this not, site is not among the list of most comfortable.

    Convenience official site

    The best quality offshore sportsbooks and all legal venues have a Russian interface. Today it is simply obligatory attribute of quality. The same casell and support services, often working around the clock, and is available in a special widget at the bottom of any page of the website of the bookmaker.

    It is also important that the site was a mobile version and mobile applications. Today the average Internet user often sits on the network with a mobile device. Not spared this statistic and batters. Therefore, a bet via a tablet or phone can attract you. Therefore, the selection of a site with such convenience is ensured in advance.

    This entire list of characteristics that will allow you to identify which bookmaker is best to use in Russia in 2019. As you can see, options are many and it is better to use them than to constantly change the sites from bitter experience with uncomfortable or frankly fraudulent sites.