Basic life hacks to effectively bet on Formula 1

Basic life hacks to effectively bet on Formula 1

    A huge number of punters interested in betting on the Formula 1 championship, there is a well established stereotype. They believe that their main task is to predict the winner of the race. But this is a big mistake, which deprives them of the chance to do high-quality earnings on rates. In this article we share a few tips that will once and for all to get rid of these errors.

    Bet on a few pilots from

    Paintings of events of Formula 1 has one important feature. Odds possible bet in most cases have such coefficients that can be safely put 2 riders and still have the advantage if at least one of them will win the race.

    For example, if you are sure that the winner of the next Grand Prix will be the first athlete (ratio of 3.4) or the second athlete (factor of 3.8), two rates of 1,000 rubles each, you will get a good profit.

    Of course, if one of them wins. In the first case, the net benefit will be 1400 rubles, and the second – 1800 rubles. Of course, if the odds on your favorite below 2, to make two bets is not quite logical and profitable. However, usage rates for this rider are also useful. The forecast for his victory could become a great safety net in case your second candidate has a higher coefficient and not so big preliminary chances of winning.

    Learn the specifics of the trails

    In the Formula 1 championship each track is like a separate world with its own specific conditions. Using knowledge about the track as well as about individual characteristics, preferences, weaknesses and predispositions pilots could earn.

    Some racers are masters of master of the passage turns. Other excellent feel on the tracks with a large amount.ETS high-speed sections.

    If you delve into these figures and strive to use them in practice, the betting will become more stable and even impressive. In case of refusal from the use of such analysis in the short or long run better comes to defeats and losses.

    In addition, it is important "to raise from the archives" and to study the statistics of the performances of the riders at certain Grand Prix. It so happens that the pilot of the year shows excellent results on a particular track. And this is another indicator that simplifies the Outlook for the upcoming race.

    Additionally, it should be based on the statistics of performances in different weather conditions, for success in different starting positions, etc. the more the preliminary work is conducted, the higher the chances of success and earnings on knowledge of Formula 1.

    Analyze the performance of not only your favorite, but his teammate

    Yes, Formula 1 is an individual sport, but the pilot remain part of the team. Besides, on the track there is and partner. With him exchange information, develop common strategies for passage of the segments of the race, to implement strategies which ultimately allow you to beat opponents and score as many points as possible.

    If the pilot is experienced teammate who is able to work in a team and perform common tasks, the chances of good results significantly increase.

    Yes, this indicator is not decisive, but if you have a choice between two pilots, the preference should be given to someone who has a more stable and illustrious teammate.

    Be careful with the credibility of the results of the qualification

    Many fans of betting on Formula 1 is very much overestimate the results of the qualification. Their logic is.discharges that excellent results in the preliminary heats will result in a positive result in the main race. Such a logic are too far from the truth and can lead to disastrous results for better.

    Between qualification and race is sufficient time. In this period of changing too many parameters, and they ultimately affect the success of the pilot. Can be changed: humidity, clouds, temperature, amount of draught, etc. In the end, not only the pilot gets in very different conditions, but also a team of technicians as well. They may simply not have time to spend adapting the car to the complicated realities of race.

    In addition, during training there is a struggle with time. The race is also a rivals and overtaking. And they are much more serious stress for the athlete. Therefore, the results can dramatically sink.