Monte - Carlo in sports betting

Метод Монте-Карло что такое и как пользоваться

The betting world is large and diverse, there are many original strategies of the game, among them Monte Carlo, which consists in modeling the outcome of sporting events based on different factors. This method is not new, as the betting used in casinos.

Features Monte-Carlo

This method is based on the number of processes and factors that directly or indirectly may affect the outcome of the meeting. To use this method is not so simple, one should clearly understand its principles.

There is no guarantee the player a win-win bet, because each conducts its own analysis of possible errors or subjective insights. Even if the result of the study is not correct, it can be useful from an analytical point of view. Beginners bets this method can seem daunting.

The method of Monte Carlo?

This can be used in different kinds of sports betting, take for example tennis, try using this method to determine the winner of the tournament in Madrid. Before the tournament bookmaker Parimatch identified these favorites: Rafael Nadal – 2,2, Novak Djokovic – 3, Dominic Tim – 6, Roger Federer – 12.

To make a correct prediction, it is necessary to start from several factors:

  • Form player – is player in season;
  • What surface is the tournament – a very important factor, Nadal is the king of soil, and the tournament in Madrid is held in this coating;
  • The rating of the players is of great importance and a rating, even if the IGrock failed a few tournaments, but he highly is, so he is able to shoot;
  • The tournament table – the lighter opponents, the less will be the effort on the track;
  • Injuries – if a player can show his best at the tournament, do not interfere with health problems;

Now, using each indicator, you can set conditional points for each player. If you take the cover, there 4 points will get Nadal, Tim – 3 points, he is also very strong on clay, Djokovic – 2 points, can play well, but not in the form, Federer – 1 point, haven't played this coating and does not like it.

This strategy sports betting has the right to life, the more factors will be used, and right conclusions will be drawn, the more chances of success. This method can be used when making bets on football, hockey and other sports, are important factors the player chooses for himself.