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Betting rules bookmakers - you need to know!

What you need to know about the rules of the bookmakers before start betting?

Правила ставок в букмекерских конторах With the emergence of a huge number of bookmakers in the world wide web betting has turned from classes is quite serious in a real entertainment for millions of gamblers. That's just not all of them are able to imagine what difficulties can arise at various stages of cooperation with a particular BC.

Indeed, sometimes even banal unwillingness to see the simple rules of the office can lead to very unpleasant consequences of the impossibility to withdraw the winning or to return your Deposit and even to blocking of your account! And to avoid all negativity that is related to ignorance of basic principles of bookies, just enough to read this article to the end.

Simple things that you should remember in the first place

Before you start betting on the worldwide web, you need to understand that it is not such a simple task. In principle, cooperation with bookmakers on the Internet is easy if you just follow a few basic rules:

1. Keep in mind that rates can only do adults.
2. When registering, specify only accurate information.
3. Be prepared to send a scan copy of your passport (in some cases, any other document proving the identity) on demand resource administration.
4. In some cases, withdraw winnings will be possible only to the banking card tied to a personal account.
5. Do not forget that not all offices allow you to withdraw money in the same way that you made to your personal account. That is, if you put a Deposit directly from your mobile, then at the time of withdrawal you will need to specify the details of wallets in payment systems or credit card details, and all this must necessarily be registered to you.

If you fulfill these simple conditions, then to bid and use other services of the bookmaker will be much easier. But do not forget about the many other pitfalls you may encounter inexperienced or inattentive better.

The basic rules of betting in BC

The majority of domestic and foreign bookmakers, the basic rules of betting and the use of other services is a little different. In General, all laws of such institutions is as follows:

1. All bets are accepted through the list of sports, entertainment and other events that are in line Sportsbook, with the odds possible winnings that are displayed in the special table on the website of BK at the time of betting.
2. The bookmaker reserves the right to set the minimum and maximum betting intervals depending on the event.
3. Also, the management office may limit the maximum winning on one bet, whether it is single, Express or any other of its kind.
4. Decorated the bet cannot be cancelled or undone. In rare cases (for example, if the ticket confirming the transaction, discovered a gross error) possible some revision of the concluded bet, but only when no event specified in the ticket has not yet begun.
5. All transactions, except those that are special live, are done before the start of the duel or match.
6. Office may refuse bets if he does not want moreto send a document proving his identity. The user may have to make a Deposit to your personal account and get your money back he can only after you will receive the technical support of BC copy of a passport or other document that he requests there.

A bit unfair on the punters

правило для ставок на спорт в букмекерских канторах номер одинVery often the bookmakers are trying to protect yourself from fraudulent actions of their clients. This is directly related to the fact that there are many ways to hit the jackpot not the most honest way, and have to fight most firms not only in the world wide web, but in the real world.

So what did the administration of BK can punish the careless customer? Below are the most common types of fraud and foul play, for which you can get ban (complete denial of access to the personal account and the available account funds):

  • playing on the plug. This method consists in betting on the same event, but with opposite outcomes. That is, in the case of any outcome of the fraudster remains at least at his, but most often in positive territory. That is why all BK banned play with multiple accounts. And in that case, if you try to enter into such transactions with one account, you are likely banned as soon as spotted
  • game with different accounts. Some batters manage to register several accounts with different computers, and then begin doingü rates at different times. Usually such clever calculated at the stage of withdrawal, so don't even waste your time on such unfair game
  • bonuscontent or hunting for bonuses. In General, fans of a freebie banyat not everywhere and not always, unless abuse attempts to earn more free bets and to funds to your account with loyalty programs. If you use only one account and fulfill all the terms of cooperation with BK, and so you get good bonuses, for which there will be no need to hunt hard.

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