Dictionary of common terms betting and bookmakers

Betting on sports is not only interesting, but also profitable, especially now that betting is officially permitted in Russia. Every day, people around the world bet on the money and the Guinness book of world records even has a few records on this subject. What would you, our reader made a more favorable rate, we presented you our - dictionary of common terms betting and bookmakers

Novice batters quickly learn the basics and make your first bet, especially since today you do not even need to leave your home. We value you with our dictionary of common terms of betting.

  • Asian handicap is one of the types of bets bookmakers. This tax rate with additional points. For example, if the rate has the value F1 (+1.5 m), it means that the team has a handicap of 1.5 points. Even if the team did not score a single goal and the score will be 0:1, you win by the result of 1.5:1.
  • Outsider – side of the conflict, having less chances to win. Her opponent is considered the favorite.
  • Bankroll – the amount of money of the player on the gaming account.
  • The betting plug – arbitrage opportunities in betting, when a player bets on all possible outcomes at different bookmakers.
  • BK – bookmaker.
  • The return is the result of the bet, which is notigrala. For example, if the player bet on the total is more than two, but in the tournament were scored exactly 2 goals, then will the rate of return.
  • Deposit – game account of the user registered in BC.
  • Ratio – value is the probability of the outcome. For example, if there is equal probability of an outcome for this event, then the percentage will be 50: 50, and the values of the coefficients will be numbers 2.00 to 2.00 (1/0,5). At the rate of$ 10 with odds of 2.00 you will win 20$. But this is only in theory, in practice, the coefficient still contains a margin.
  • Margin is a percentage of the profit that the bookmaker takes. The players will never see the odds of 2.00 with an equal outcome, because there is no margin to the organizer. On average, the bookmakers set the margin is not more than 5%. Therefore, the coefficient of equal chances is not 2.00, and 1.95 g (1/0,55).
  • Line – listing of sporting events on which bets are accepted at bookmaker.
  • Painting – all types of bets that are available for this event.
  • Forecaster or kapper – an analyst who makes predictions for future sporting events.
  • Single bet – a bet on one outcome of a sporting event.
  • Express – rate type, which involves guessing the outcomes of several events. The odds on parlays are significantly higher, they are interesting the gamblers.
  • The system is a bet on multiple parlays.
  • Live betting is a live betting sports tournament.
  • Live-line – list of events on which Live betting.
  • Total – the total number of points in the tournament. Bet on total goals is the prediction on the total number of goals scored, goals, etc.
  • Handicap is a bet type with an initial advantage or, on the contrary, with a lag. For example, bet with a handicap of +6, allows to the final score of the tournament to add 6 points for his team.
  • Toto (TOTO) – this is a fixed bet amount, which is collected from all participants TOTO and divided among those players who correctly guessed the outcome or the exact score of the match. In betting bet is done not for one but for several matches and a win here does not depend on the ratio and the number of participants-winners.