Dictionary of tennis terms

Tennis is a beautiful game. Did you know that literally the name of this sport translates as "playing the short ball", and in ancient times this little ball repulsed a racket, but just with your hands or with sticks. Today, all improved and in order not Sapucaia we represent - dictionary of tennis terms

Today the line on the tennis tournaments have without exception bookmakers. You can not only watch exciting competition, but also to earn money by making successful bets.

And in order to make you feel more comfortable and confident, we offer a dictionary of basic tennis terms.

  • ACE (Ace) – points earned by submitting at which the ball hit square, but has not been touched by a player of the receiving party.
  • Bagel is a dry set, which ended with the score 6:0.
  • The bekedam (Backhand) - dwukrotnie and one-handed backhand (for left handed - turn of the body to left side).
  • Smash is a strong shot over the head of the down ball.
  • Break - the situation when the game is won by the side that did not serve the ball.
  • Tie-break (tie-break) – this is an additional game, which will be determined the winner.
  • xt-decoration: underline;">Break point (Break point ) – the last ball in the game; the situation where the player receiving the serve can win the next ball and win the game.
  • Back spin (backspin) ‒ a kind of tennis shot with bottom spin.
  • The Challenger series competitions of the professional tennis players for a higher prize than the Satellite, under the auspices of the ITF.
  • Volley ‒ a kind of volley.
  • Winner – the ball won by flipping over the net if the opponent does not touch the ball.
  • Game – time period in the game, which is played 4 points; if both players scored 3 points, game is held to 2 points in a row recruited by one of the parties contests.
  • Game-ball - drawing decisive points.
  • Cross – kick, which he flies on the diagonal of the court.
  • Netball - winning points from a grid; the situation in the game when the ball flies to the opponent's side, touching the grid.
  • The reverse – a kind of kick when the ball beats the hand, the brush of which is rotated by the external side of the ball.
  • ">Drop-shot is a drop shot, after which the ball lands very close to the net on the enemy.
  • The playoffs – the competition, after which the loser would no longer participate in tournaments.
  • Candle — blow at high vertical flight path over the net.
  • Seth — the party; the player wins the set, if the first took a win in 6 games.


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