Dictionary of MMA, the UFC terms

If you want to understand in the most spectacular sport competitions in mixed martial arts, you can not do without the understanding of specific terms and professional concepts. You will find if you read our explanatory dictionary of terms of the UFC, and will be able to do the correct sports betting.

Not all sports fans understand the difference between Andrey Koreshkov and Dan white, and even less have enough knowledge to distinguish takedown from samisen. So for all the new fans of MMA, we made a brief dictionary of important terms UFC.

  • MMA is the General name for mixed martial arts. This martial art is very different from traditional sports in that they are permissible to use a very wide Arsenal of different styles and techniques and tactics. Some call MMA fights without rules, but that's not entirely correct, as the rules here.
  • UFC is the biggest organization in the world of MMA. Its current President is Dana white.
  • Bellator is the second largest MMA organization.
  • The octagon is a cage, in which MMA fighters hold their competitions. The classic shape has 8 corners, but there are round octagon.
  • Takedown (takedown) is one of the methods that translate the battle from the rack on the floor of the octagon. There are more than 9 thousand different techniques takedown. Takedown is a technique with the capture of both feet.
  • "text-padding">Knockout – a strong blow, after which the opponent loses consciousness.
  • Knockdown and strike the reception, after which the enemy fell, but is still conscious.
  • Sammiches (Submission) - armbar or rear naked choke, after which the opponent prefers to surrender. There are a large number of such techniques that result in delivery, most popular is strangulation "triangle" (Sankaku-Jime), armbar (Armbar), pinching of the Achilles tendon (Achilles hold), guillotine choke (Guillotine) choke from behind (Gogoplata).
  • Octagon-girl – girls-symbols of the sport of MMA, which show the table round. It's not just beautiful girls, the stars with their millions of fans.
  • Node (Americana) – pain Prem, which is stationed on the shoulder joint or the elbow.
  • Biting is forbidden and sneaky technique – biting.
  • Attacking the groin – a foul blow in groin.
  • The clinch is a very important method of fighting standing up, when a wrestler exhausts his opponent with dirty Boxing against the wall
  • Cross - straight punch rear hand.
  • Grappling</span> is a special technique of withdrawal of the opponent out of balance, the so-called hug painful and suffocating receptions.
  • Fish-hooking - action of the insertion finger or fingers of one or both hands into the mouth, nostrils or other openings of a person with intent to pull out, to tear the surrounding tissue.
  • Turtle protection – the position of the fighter when he is pressed to the floor and does not leave gaps between itself and the support.
  • Midfield - one fighter lies on the other, the bottom fighter has one foot tangled.
  • Full protection – a soldier lying on his back and gripped the torso of the opponent with their feet.
  • Low-kick – a low kick on the leg of the opponent.

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