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Dictionary of MMA, the UFC terms

If you want to understand in the most spectacular sport competitions in MMA (mixed martial arts), you can not do without the understanding of specific terms and professional concepts that you find in our Glossary of UFC terms and will be able to do vyishryshnye sports betting.

Not all sports fans understand the difference between Andrey Koreshkov and Dana white, and even less have enough knowledge to distinguish takedown from Sabina. So for all fans of MMA, we made a brief dictionary of important terms UFC.

  • Attacking the groin – a foul blow in groin.
  • MMA is the General name for mixed martial arts. This martial art is very different from traditional sports in that they are permissible to use a very wide Arsenal of different styles and techniques and tactics. Some call MMA fights without rules, but that's not entirely correct, as the rules here.
  • UFC is the biggest organization in the world of MMA. Its current President is Dana white.
  • Bellator is the second largest MMA organization.
  • >Biting forbidden and sneaky technique – biting.
  • Fish-hooking – action of the insertion finger or fingers of one or both hands into the mouth, nostrils or other openings of a person with intent to pull or tear the surrounding tissue.
  • Live bets – bets during the fight.
  • Live-line – list of events that you can do Live betting.
  • Outsider – side of the conflict, having less chances to win. Her opponent is considered the favorite.
  • Bankroll – the amount of money of the player on the gaming account.
  • BK – bookmaker.
  • The betting plug – arbitrage opportunities in betting, when a player bets on all possible outcomes at different bookmakers.
  • Return – the result of the bet, which is not played. For example, if the player bet on the total is more than two, and in the match were scored exactly 2 goals, that is the rate of return.
  • ; font-weight: bold; text-decoration: underline;">Grappling technique output an opponent off balance, the so-called hug painful and suffocating receptions.
  • Deposit – game account of the user registered in BC.
  • The clinch is a very important method of fighting standing up, when a wrestler exhausts his opponent with dirty Boxing against the wall.
  • Ratio – value is the probability of the outcome. For example, if there is equal probability of an outcome for this event, then the percentage will be 50: 50, and the values of the coefficients will be numbers 2.00 to 2.00 (1/0,5). At the rate of$ 10 with odds of 2.00 you will win 20$. But this is only in theory, in practice, the coefficient still contains a margin.
  • Cross – straight punch rear hand.
  • Line – listing of sporting events on which bets are accepted at bookmaker.
  • Low-kick – a low kick on the leg of the opponent.
  • Margin is a percentage of the profit that the bookmaker takes. The players will never see the odds of 2.00 with an equal outcome, because there is no margin organizaThor. On average, the bookmakers set the margin is not more than 5%. Therefore, the coefficient of equal chances is not 2.00, and 1.95 g (1/0,55).
  • Mount – a position in which a fighter is sitting in his opponent's breast, drawing the knees into the floor or throwing his feet with her.
  • Middle kick – a kick to the body of the opponent.
  • Knockout – a strong blow, after which the opponent loses consciousness.
  • Knockdown and strike the reception, after which the enemy fell, but is still conscious.
  • The octagon is a cage, in which MMA fighters hold their competitions. The classic shape has 8 corners, but there are round octagon.
  • Octagon-girl – girls-symbols of the sport of MMA, which show the table round. It's not just beautiful girls, the stars with an audience of millions of fans.
  • Single bet – a bet on one outcome of a sporting event.
  • Polygard (half guard) – the position at which the soldier is in an enemy grabs one of his feet your feet.
  • Forecaster or kapper – an analyst who makes predictions on sports events.
  • Painting – all types of bets that are available for this event.
  • The system is a bet on multiple parlays.
  • Sammich (Submission) - armbar or rear naked choke, after which the opponent prefers to surrender. There are a large number of such techniques that result in delivery, most popular is strangulation "triangle" (Sankaku of Zima), armbar (Armbar), pinching of the Achilles tendon (Achilles hold), guillotine choke (Guillotine), strangulation from behind (Gogoplata).
  • Takedown (the takedown) is one of the methods that translate the battle from the rack on the floor of the octagon. There are more than 9 thousand different techniques takedown. Takedown is a technique with the capture of both feet.
  • Total goals – bet on the number of rounds in the match.
  • Toto (TOTO) – this is a fixed bet amount, which is collected from all participants TOTO and divided among those players who correctly guessed the outcome or the exact score of the match. Thealistore the emphasis is not only on one but on several matches and winning here does not depend on the ratio and the number of participants-winners.
  • Node (Americana) – pain Prem, which is stationed on the shoulder joint or the elbow.
  • High kick – high kick to the opponent's head.
  • Turtle protection – the position of the fighter when he is pressed to the floor and does not leave gaps between itself and the support.
  • Express – rate type, which involves guessing the outcomes of multiple events simultaneously. The odds on parlays are significantly higher, they are interesting the gamblers.

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