Dictionary of hockey terms

Hockey is a special sport. The grandeur and spectacle of hockey antagonisms makes it very popular among bookmakersthat offer a very wide painting and attractive odds for bets on the sport.

For more accurate perception and correct understanding of sports Championships, you need to understand the highly specialized definitions of concepts, elements, tactics. So let's look at the explanatory dictionary of hockey terms and will correctly apply the word, leading the conversation on hockey dialect.

  • Penalty shot – a free kick, a penalty kick at goal of the offending team, appoints arbitrator for violation of the rules. After the match, the shootout can be assigned to determine the winner
  • Overtime – additional time may appoint the arbitrator after 3 periods of 20 minutes, if the score is equal between the teams.
  • The icing or forwarding is a shot of the washer where it crossed the red goal line of the opponent, but did not touch any of cacheitem. After forwarding the puck sent into the zone of the intruder.
  • Bench – the bench.
  • Blindside – attacking action of the player out of sight of the enemy, that is, from behind or from the side.
  • Blocker (Damn) and trap - goalie gloves for reflection shots or commit washer.
  • Body check – the physical impact on the opponent without breaking the rules cochea.
  • Van-timer – beat the puck, which glides into the net.
  • Face-off – introduction of goals in the game, then starts the countdown of the playing time; runs an arbitrator or in the start of the match or after the match was stopped.
  • Offside (Offside) – the situation in the game when two of the skate of the player conducting the attack are over the blue line attack zone before the puck
  • The goalkeeper is a goalkeeper, a defender of the gate.
  • Hockey ring – fenced sides and has five zones: 2 red lines define the area of the gate line 2, blue share box on the area of defense, the neutral zone and the offensive zone.
  • Stick – the main weapon koheita; is a carbon or a wooden stick with a curved end, designed to manipulate the puck.
  • Leggings is a part of a player's clothing, gloves that provide the maximum degree of mobility and at the same time protect hands from painful bumps or injuries.
  • Mouth guard – a protective tooth cover, which protects the jaw, neck and soft tissues of the oral cavity of the IGrock.
  • A Nickel – danger zone faceoff in front of the gate.
  • Mustache – conditional side areas of the slot.
  • Slot - the sector of hockey field from the mustache to the blue line.
  • Sweater, Jersey, Mesh upper clubwear hockey worn over the armour, on which identificireba player.
  • The save is successful maneuver the goalkeeper, which caught the puck and the team is saved from the goal.