The FIFA Futsal world Cup 2015: overview, rates, schedule

Чемпионат мира по футзалу 2015: обзор, ставки, расписаниеIn April of this year will take place 11-th world championship Futsal (indoor soccer)2015. This time the tournament is entrusted to Belarus, which takes the competition of this rank for the first time. Prior to that, in 2012, the year in Brest hosted the European championship, showing the ability of Belarus to the quality holding important competitions in Futsal.

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Join in the games of the world Cup Futsal 2015



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The tournament

In the process of reviewing applications of candidates to host the world championship AMF (international Association of Futsal) took into account the significant level of development of sport in Belarus, and the desire to expand geography of the tournament, opted for the neighbouring state. Prior to that, in 2012, the year in Brest hosted the European championship, showing the ability of Belarus to the quality holding important competitions in Futsal.

It is known that the tournament will be held simultaneously in five cities of the Republic. This honor was awarded to:
- Minsk (Minsk-arena designed for 15 thousand spectators, the Palace of Sportsand is designed for 3.3 thousand spectators),
- Pinsk (sports Complex at Polechu designed for 640 spectators),
Borisov (Borisov FOTS has a capacity of 350 spectators)
- Brest (USK Victoria is calculated on 3 thousand 740 seats),
- Molodechno (the Ice Palace calculated on 2 thousand spectators).

Almost all the matches of play-offs to take place in Minsk, and a few games in Brest, while in other cities planned to hold only group stage. The competition will be held according to the classical scheme. In the first phase teams will be divided into four groups of four teams that will play under the scheme with each other. Places in the table will be distributed in accordance with the number of points, goal difference and number of goals scored.

Next two best teams go to the quarterfinals, with the knockout games (the Olympic system). Completed tournament semifinal games and final. The regulations provided the match for the bronze medal. A game open will take place on 17 April, while the final meeting is scheduled for April 25. Open championship hosts the national team of Belarus and Brazil. In total, the tournament will be held 32 meetings.

The participants of the tournament

In total, the participants of the world championship consists of 16 teams. Each of them took their way of selection for the tournament.

  • Belarus won the right to play in the tournament in the rank of the country housewife.
  • Colombia is the current world champion
  • Russia and Belgium as semi-finalists of the last European championship and Slovakia as the winner of the 5 place team, replacing the team of Catalonia
  • The Czech Republic and Norway as winners of European qualifying
  • Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay as the winners of the Latin American qualification
  • Curaçao as the best team on the qualification in North America
  • Australia, Venezuela, Morocco and Kyrgyzstan as the winners of the wild card, that is, invited participants representing different continents.

The distribution of teams

Held on 27th of January of this year, the draw divided the team in groups of the following composition:
The first group (A): Belarus, Brazil, Uruguay and Australia (games to take place in Minsk and Molodechno)
The second group (B): Belgium, Norway, Paraguay and Morocco (games to be held in Minsk, Molodechno and Borisov)
The third group (C): Colombia, Czech Republic, Venezuela and curaçao (games will be held in Brest)
The fourth group (D): Russia, Argentina, Slovakia and Kyrgyzstan (games to take place in Pinsk)

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