A survey on the World championship in water sports 2015: schedule, rates

Обзор на Чемпионат Мира по водным видам спорта 2015: расписание, ставкиThis world tournament is the biggest international competition and is held once every two calendar years. It includes more than twenty team and single disciplines, which involved both men and women.

Despite the fact that the sixteenth world Cup will begin in mid-2015 years, some bookmakers have already started to take bets on its contests. And to win, punters need to know at least a few things about this event.

Where and when?

The venue of the event was Kazan. It is on its sports facilities with the twenty-fourth of July on the sixteenth of August and will be competing in the world Cup. In addition to the usual events the tournament includes competition in the category masters.

This choice of venue of the world championship can hardly be called accidental. It was here two years ago were competing in the twenty-seventh summer Universiade. And it was built many ultra-modern sports facilities, fully ready to receive new guests, already on a global level.

Расписание коэффициенты на чемпионат мира по водным видам

What types of competitions includes FINA world Championships 2015 and where you can see them?

Чемпионат мира по водным видам плаваниеAll the competition in the championship will be held at several modern sporting arenas, each of which meets the FINA requirements. All SOStazania swimming will accommodate forty-five thousand spectators the Kazan arena. Championship in synchronized swimming and competitions in diving will be held at the Palace of water sports, high diving and swim on the open water, viewers will be able to visit the specially equipped sections of the river Kazanka.

Competitions in water Polo will be held in the Burevestnik swimming pools (the first place among men up to the semi-finals) and Olympus (women's championship until the semifinals). And do semi-final matches and the matches on the flight will take the same Palace. In addition, the participants of the world championship will be available to other pools (organic synthesis Akcharlak) as training bases.


It is too early to talk about the exact list of athletes who will arrive in Kazan in the hope of a medal. But there is no doubt that all the participating countries, which had accumulated a few dozen, will present their best representatives. And the favorites of many call the United States, China and Russia. Namely, the delegations of these States at the last Championships in Barcelona with a large margin from the competitors defeated rivals in the overall standings.

The winners of the last championship

прыжки в водуIn 2013, the year in Barcelona was set several world records. It should be noted the brilliant performance of Chinese sun Jan (many call him one of the favorites and at the championship in Kazan), who won three gold medals. But don't write off the Russian (for example, Vladimir Morozov) and the U.S. (Nathan Adrian, Conor Dwyer or) swimmers also successfully performed at the Barcelona sites.

Among women, the obvious favorites American Katie Ledecky and Danish Lotte Friis. But to compete with them can and our countrywomen, for example, Yulia Efimova, who won already at the last world Cup.

What you need to know beforeto bet on the world Cup in water sports in 2015?

Keep in mind that much will depend on the forms of athletes. Overall, betting on competitions of the world Cup best live. So you will be able to thoroughly examine the condition of all participants and to assess their capabilities and chances of winning. But remember that in some cases have already won the gold medal athletes a little to take their positions. For example, some swimmers who won multiple distances, in the remaining disciplines could relax a bit and play.

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