World championship wrestling 2015: schedule, rates

Ставки на Чемпионат мира по вольной борьбе : расписание, коэффициентыFor millennia the struggle remains one of the most popular martial arts. And with the advent of the first bookmakers gamblers are happy to make bets on the best fighters. In our time this process has become civilized. Now athletes compete at the largest tournaments, as punters enter into transactions with their battles in special offices. But the essence and excitement remain the same, the same as hundreds of years ago, during the games at Olympus.

One of the leading wrestling tournament is the European championship. But in 2015, the year in Baku will be held the first European games, and freestyle, Greco-Roman and women's wrestling was included in their program, the individual championship this year, fans will not see. All the competitions, which were to be allocated to the European championship, will be part of the competition in the Azerbaijani capital.

Where and when will be held?

European championship wrestling included in the program of the first games of the Old world, will be held in Baku. All competitions will be held from the twelfth through the twenty-eighth of June 2015.

What the discipline involves?

In the framework of the first European games will be held competitions in freestyle, Greco-Roman and female wrestling. The regulations of the competition is a little different from traditional Olympic. In General one can say that the rules for this championship will remain the same as in other leading competitions among Amateurs.

Prospective members

It is difficult to talk about the exact list of the sportsmen, ready to fight sand medals. But it is known that his best athletes will try to send forty-nine European delegations. Among them will be athletes from Bulgaria, Turkey and Russia, which traditionally successfully participate in the wrestling competitions in recent years. You should also wait impressive the Azerbaijani delegation. After all, local athletes, and so are often triumphant in international forums, will do everything possible to please their home fans.

The winners of the previous years and the favorites of this championship

If we talk about the overall medal standings of past tournaments, it is usually in this respect, the leaders are sportsmen from Russia, Georgia, Ukraine, Turkey and Azerbaijan. Also can show themselves Belarusians, Armenians and Hungarians. And in recent years to the above States, you can also add Poland and Sweden, whose athletes have managed to reach unprecedented heights.

In the individual standings can be safely put on one of our countrywomen, who won last year. For example, Natalya Vorobyeva, Maria Valery Gurov or Koblevo. It is not necessary to write off Ukrainians (Natalia Pulkovskaya, Ekaterina Burmistrova had), Sweden (e.g., Sofia and Johan Mattsson) and Azerbaijanis (Maria Stadnik Irina Netreba).

Among men in wrestling, you can bet on the victory of Haji Aliyev Ruslan Timirgalieva and other Azerbaijani athletes and also athletes from Russia. But in Greco-Roman wrestling, it makes sense to bet on Hungarians (Tamasha Larnica and Peter Baci), Ukrainians (for example, Jean Belenko) and our fellow (Alexander Chirkin and Adam Kurak).

You should also know that anyone who wants to make bets on the world championship fight in 2015?

Despite the fact that many bookmakers are ready to bet on competitions in wrestling, there's no rush. Wait until at least the final announcement of the approved list of participants Soravenovany from each country. Then it will not hurt to compare the shape of all athletes, their injuries and other nuances that can affect the result.

If you can't decide on favorites before the tournament, don't worry. You can bet on potential winners in the live mode, after watching the first rounds of the competition. So you rate the condition of each athlete independently and visually verify that your decision when choosing those to win which makes sense to bet.

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