Betting on Eurovision 2016 contestants overview, schedule

евровидение 2016 ставки на финал

The Eurovision song contest is without doubt the most popular and controversial event of his level. Every year millions of Europeans gather in front of their TVs to cheer for their country, but the contest is called the most politicized in the world and controversial decisions, such as winnings in 2013, the year of the drag Queen Conchita Wurst, the discussion so far.

In addition, today is the only Eurovision music contest, which you can make bets in bookmakers. Particularly popular these types of bets in European BK, where players are invited not only to guess the winner, but several additional betting options. Put the odds make good money in case of victory.

General data

Current contest 2016 year will be the 61st in a row. By tradition, takes his country-the winner of the previous year. This time will host the Eurovision song contest in Sweden, its capital Stockholm. Awarded the honor of the Scandinavian country after a successful performance of her by Mons Silmeria.

The event will take place on the global Stage. Universal set is used as the stadium for the matches of different sports (hockey, volleyball) and music concerts. In the latter case, capacity is 13.5 thousand people.

The participants

This year the competition plans to participate 43 States, it is not excluded that the composition of participants has changed. Several countries that have ignored the 2015 competition year, decided to return. In particular did Ukraine, Bulgaria.

At the same time, some countries have decided not to go to Sweden. Not the floorwill not last to see in Stockholm of representatives of a majority of the dwarf European countries, besides Slovakia and Turkey have announced their desire to restore the office of the Eurovision song contest, but in 2016, the year they do not. Will not go to Scandinavia and the representatives of Portugal, where he decided one year to stay without competition.

Our country will be in Sweden to present the famous singer popular destinations Sergey Lazarev, which gives us some hope for successful performance.

The format of the event

Given the large number of participants, the last few years carrying out the semifinal rounds. At the same time free from them, only six countries. Sports fans will be easy to remember them, as they are representatives of the great European football fives and the hostess of the contest in Sweden.

All other countries, including for the second year will be presented to Australia, the 10th and 12th may will hold two semifinals, each of which defined a dozen Nations going to the finals. Last held on 14 may and will be presented to the 26 th members.

In the rules of competition no changes are envisaged, traditionally, after the performances of all participants in the countries represented in the competition, will be the vote of the audience. Based on their votes and determine the winner.

Favorites of the competition

To guess the winner in the Eurovision song contest is always difficult. Not every time wins the performer, which until the early analysts were expected to win. As for the competition this year, to talk about favorites and outsiders too early, as most countries have not yet decided on the composition of the participants.

All the names of the singers, singers and musicians will be known until the end of February, after which it will be possible to draw certain conclusions and make forecasts. In any case, the bookmakers offer very attractive odds, which will be of interest to fans of the competition and players wanting a change of scene and place a bet on the usual sports and music shows.

It should be noted that experts advise not to rush with interest rates, and at least to wait until the end of the semifinals. Based on their results we can draw some conclusions about the strength of the participants, and is repelled not only from the performance of the contractor, but the geography of participants. As you know, very often the highest scores are given to the neighbors, so the question of the number of countries friends and neighbors is one of the primary predicting the outcome of Eurovision 2016


Uzari & Maimuna (Minsk)

LAZAREV (Russia)

Mørland & Debrah Scarlett (Norway)

Maraaya (Slovenia)

Pertti Kurikan Nimipaivat (Finland)

Måns Zelmerlow (Sweden)

Il Volo - Grande amore (Italy)

Elina Born & Stig Rsta (Estonia)

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