2016 Olympic games betting, schedule, overview and types of competitions

Олимпийские игры 2016

Traditionally, the most anticipated sporting events in the world is the Olympic games. First born in ancient Greece, they were revived in the late 19th century and for over one hundred years are considered the main games of mankind. Not surprisingly, they attract the gambling sports fans making predictions on events in bookmakers. React accordingly and bookmakers, offering customers an abundance of options available for betting.

Olympic gold medal has always been valued higher than awards in world or continental Championships. The only exception is football, due to the peculiarities of the formation of the teams that plays mostly young people.

Olympics 2016 will Rio de Janeiro

Ставки на Олимпийские игры

This year the Olympic games for the first time in the history has entrusted to the state from South America. Received this part of Brazil. Despite the fact that officially, the games are held in Rio de Janeiro, the competition will involve multiple cities. Including the capital Brasilia and the major cities like Sao Paulo and Belo Horizonte.

Initially, the organization of the competition was quite a lot of problems, but the Brazilian authorities say that they found the necessary funds and the country time to prepare for the main sports event of four years.

The rules of the competition

The official opening of the games will be held in a solemn ceremony on the 5th of August this year. Then for 16 days, athletes will compete in various disciplines. The closing ceremony is to be held on 21 August.

Between these two dates athletes have to play each other 306 medal sets, which will be played in 28 sports. During the competition, the audience can see not only all team sports, starting from football, and ending with the hockey on the grass, but also a large number of individual interventions, including such exotic for our country as mountain Biking or kite surfing, known in our country only to fans of extreme sports.

The current Olympics will offer the audience the new sports that had not previously been included in the Olympic program. We are talking about Golf, and Rugby-7, which constitutes one of the varieties of traditional Rugby.

As for the participants, according to preliminary estimates Brazil will come about 10.5 thousand athletes from 206 countries in the world. For the first time as independent countries at the games will be presented to Kosovo and South Sudan.

Sports and parties

Naturally, not all sports are equally popular among the viewers. If you touch Russians, especially the part of the audience that prefers to play in bookmakers, it be ill they will be mostly for those sports and disciplines where our athletes are.

To date, there is the formation of national teams that pass the qualifying rounds and stages, so talking about possible winners and favourites is not necessary. Not suggesting any bets yet bookmakers.

If we look at specific sports, the greatest interest will cause tennis tournament, which traditionally will gather all the strongest. Djokovic, Federer, Nadal, Williams, Azarenka, Sharapova, all of these athletes definitely come to the courts of Brazil if they will not have health problems. Most likely, none of those names are hidden Olympic Champions in tennis, and certainly the winners of the competition.

There is no doubt that the great interest will cause volleyball tournament, where the positions of our team is pretty strongHN, and we have a chance to see their team in the finals, and in both male and female.

Interesting will be the games of basketball and handball players. As for football, this sport is No. 1, but the absence of the Russian team and the youth teams performance is actually significantly reduces spectator interest in the tournament. Still, there are certainly a few international stars on the Brazilian football fields, we will see.

Not to mention martial arts. All types of wrestling, judo and Boxing the traditional strengths of our country. Many Russians will be rooting for our athletes.

In athletics it will be interesting to see the Oussein Bolt. Can someone challenge the famous Jamaican. A large amount of performances scheduled in the pool, which act as the swimmers, divers and synchronized swimmers. In General, interesting is quite a lot. We can only wait for August.

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