Betting on fights without rules in an octagonal cage UFC MMA schedule of fights

Ставки на бои без правил - расписание ближайших боев UFC MMA

Fights in various martial arts and strength sports are one of the most popular events in many BK. This is explained by a number of factors, for example, staginess, dynamism and unpredictability of such events. And with a special interest punters are fighting without rules, because these fights can end as anything in the most unexpected moment!

A little history of mixed martial arts

In many respects the most modern mixed martial arts reminiscent of the battle of the ancient Greeks during the first Olympic games. That is one of the styles of unarmed combat at the time, called pankration, and is the ancestor of the current fights among athletes. Also at the turn of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries was often organized fights between eminent representatives of the different fighting styles, ranging from classical to JIU-jitsu and Boxing. And in the arena could meet these Champions in their sport, which caused a considerable stir in the audience.

But the real popularity of such competitions, in particular, several categories of MMA, it was only in the nineties of the last century. Since then, and held several Championships, bets on fights without rules in which accept all the major bookmakers.


What you need to know about modern mixed martial arts?

In our time, the best fighters are in several weight categories, and under the flags of different PRorganizations. They represent a variety of styles, from jujitsu and ending with kickboxing. But many of the greatest athletes try to master several disciplines in order to have more chances during the fight both in a rack, and in orchestra seats.

Even title fights the event, which draws a championship belt – can be carried out several times a month. And each of them, official bookmaker willing to accept your bet.

The largest promotions

The most respected organizations in MMA by the end of kotorogo decade of the twenty-first century became an American UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship), established in 1993, and Bellator (Bellator Fighting Championships), which came to light in 2008. It accounted for a large part of competitions and events. It is therefore not surprising that these organizations have signed contracts with the best fighters from all corners of the planet.

Various international competitions are organized and other promotions. For example, in Russia popular competitions M-1 Global. At the same time in many countries (among them, for example, France) MMA at the moment forbidden at the official level. That does not prevent athletes to compete under their flag abroad.

How to bet on MMA fights?

Want to join the world of mixed martial arts now? Then make a bet to win the best athletes today! To do this, simply select the desired event in the list below, choose a fighter, and put him in one of the best bookmakers, which are also presented on our website.