20-21 April: the best fights in Boxing and MMA betting

20-21 April: the best fights in Boxing and MMA betting

    Amir Khan – Terence Crawford (21 APR)

    Forecast: Total (6.5) B. 1.60 (1хСтавка)

    Crawford is one of the best fighters on the planet. This is confirmed by numerous ratings. He holds the championship title in 3 weight classes. In this battle, Terence once again try to prove that timing is superior to speed. Crawford is the winner of the WBO. This is the second attempted title defense.

    Experts agree that Khan could be the biggest test for the recognized champion. This will happen if Amir will keep his composure and concentration. The main advantage of a fighter – high speed hands. Despite the fact that Khan several times passed into the knockouts, it is still one of the best in their categories.

    Teofino Lopez — Edis Tatli (April 21)

    Forecast: P1. 1.03 (1хСтавка)

    Lopez – 21 year old fighter who shows great results in a light weight. Teofilo steadily moving to higher positions in the category. The main goal – the title of world champion. This year the task can be performed. Next opponent is Tatli. Most likely it will be an easy ride for Lopez.

    Edis has experience of fighting with some of the best fighters in Europe but ranking is not the highest position. Prior to this Title already suffered two defeats. Both by judicial decision. Earlier Edis's never lost by knockout, but that is what we will see on April 21.

    Danny Garcia — Adrian Granados (April 21)

    Forecast: P1. 1.03 (1хСтавка)

    Danny Garcia (USA) said that he wants to participate in the rematches with Keith Thurman and Shawn porter. These American fighters were lost earlier. But before retribution Garcia needs to fight a tough nut to crack – Granados. The fighter known impact force and long arms. From Garcia, it requires utmost concentration. One oshiBKA may lead to an upset.

    Earlier Granados spent a lot of exciting fights. The major battles he lost, but they did it beautifully, Pat more famous fighters. We should also mention the fight with Granero where Granados simply condemned. From Adrien has a good chance, because Garcia does not like when the enemy is constantly pushing.

    Andy Ruiz Jr.- Alexander Dimitrenko (April 21)

    Forecast: P1. 1.07 (1хСтавка)

    Ruiz Jr. – not too "hyped" character, but he is able to create problems to any opponent. The most famous battle with the Mexican held in 2016. Opponent was Joseph Parker. That defeat was very controversial. If Ruiz is going to win, and further, he can count on a rematch.

    Dimitrenko – giant havewala. Height – 2 meters 1 centimeter. This unit is still OK, although the fact of the recession is undeniable. Proof of this is recent fight with Jennings (USA), which ended in early defeat Dimitrenko.

    Felix Verdejo — Brian Vasquez (21 April 2019)

    Forecast: P1. 1.62 (Parimatch)

    Felix previously delighted audiences with his brilliant technique, speed and powerful shot. But after a series of victories there was an unexpected defeat from Innes Torres. To restore the lost positions was chosen as a serious contender.

    Vasquez earned a name for himself with performances in the category up to 59 kg, but expect a serious decline in the light weight is not worth it. The main weapon of Brian – the force of the blow. However, in the course of the battle can affect a big difference in the dimensions of men: Verdejo significantly larger than Vasquez.