Fight Nurmagomedov vs McGregor: watch replay, review

Fight Nurmagomedov vs McGregor: watch replay, review

7 October took place the main match of the tournament UFC 229 between Conor McGregor and Habib Nurmagomedov. Contrary to the expectations of the bookmakers, the eagle won a landslide victory over Notorious in the fourth round by TKO. Edition could not ignore this important event in the MMA world and prepared an analysis of the key moments of the match.

The results of the first round.

Conor started the match in his favorite aggressive manner, but Habib is very quickly able to transfer fight to orchestra seats, however, McGregor has demonstrated effective protection against grappling, so the eagle was not able to do a lot of damage to the opponent. However, the round went to the Habib with a score of 10-9.

The results of the second round.

Early in the second round, Nurmagomedov again moved the fight to the ground, where it landed several strong elbows to the head Conor. From Notorious began to have serious problems, but he was able to miraculously released from capture and to stand in the fourth minute. In the second round of superiority of the eagle became noticeable 10-8.

The results of the third round.

Both fighters looked tired after the second round. McGregor managed to inflict several serious blows and not let the opponent to lay itself on the floor of the octagon. In the third round, the judges gave preference Habib: 10-9.

The fourth round.

Nurmagomedov without any problems pushed McGregor to the floor and began to clamp it in a vise. Conor tried to break free from capture, but Habib took advantage of the moment and performed a choke from the back. McGregor had nothing left but to knock.

g>the results of the battle.

During the fight, Habib struck the 99 punches, but McGregor only 37. Of seven attempts to hold a touchdown, Nurmagomedov has successfully implemented four, while Conor held no touchdowns. The victory of Habib no one can dispute, even if the fight ended by TKO, account led eagle opponent without losing a single round!

Habib remains undefeated as champion, he spent 27 fights and never lost. The expense McGregor had worsened in 21 of those games have 4 losses.