Forecast for a 241 UFC fight: Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 18 Aug 2019

Forecast for a 241 UFC fight: Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic 18 Aug 2019

A key battle of the next event in August he will become the UFC fight Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocici. Whether an experienced veteran to defend the belt in the heavyweight division for the second time in a row. Or his compatriot will be able to select the title from Cormier? The outcome of the rematch? Official Russian bookies give a slight edge to Daniel. But, judging by their quotes, and Stipe chances of success are good. So what result to expect from the title fight? Find out right now!

Where and when?

The confrontation of two eminent representatives of heavy weight, as well as other UFC bouts 241, will take place late in the evening of 17 August on the territory of the arena called the Honda Center. It is located in the American town of Anaheim, in California, forty-five kilometers away from Los Angeles. Fans of live broadcasts recall differences in time zones. Moscow time, the fights of the main card should wait for closer to Sunday morning, the eighteenth of August, after about 4:00.

Daniel Cormier vs. Stipe Miocic: comparison of rivals

Forty years Daniel Cormier came to mixed martial arts as a professional fighter ten years ago. During this time, he stepped into the octagon twenty-four times. And left him with a triumph after twenty-two fights. The assets of the American eight knockouts and seven wins after change of opponents and the decisions of the judges. Another fight of the athlete, nicknamed the "DC" was recognized invalid. It knocked out Jon Jones in a rematch, which was disqualified because of the failure of the doping test, which allowed Daniel to keep the champion title UFC in light heavyweight category. Thus, Cormier conceded only once. All the same Jones, when in their first fight "Bones" in January 2015 was stronger than the judges.

For most of his career Cormiertrong> spent in the UFC where he came from Strikeforce in April 2013 with a record of 11-0. That is, in the promotion Dana white is an experienced fighter fought twelve times and won eleven bouts.

Stipe Miocic, which is the nineteenth of August will mark thirty-seven, quite a bit inferior to his future opponent on the number of matches. The representative of the team Strong Style Fight Team stands in the octagon since 2010, and spent in it twenty-one fight. Eighteen of them ended successfully for the American – thirteen knockouts, submission wrestling and four positive judgement. Lost it three times. In September 2012, the Stipe was knocked out by Stefan Struve. In December 2014 unanimous decision he lost to Junior DOS Santos. And in his last at the moment, the opposition in July last year at UFC 226 Miocic lost the title in the fight with Cormier. All year, Stipe trained and were not in the octagon in anticipation of the rematch.

It should be noted that former champion who is now a contender for the belt, the contract with the UFC in 2011. And he is the only athlete in the history of the promotion, which three times in a row to defend the title in heavy weight category.

Daniel Cormier and Stipe Miocic: forecast for battle

After "DC" took the belt from his future rival, he once said about wanting to hold a rematch. Miocic almost thirteen centimeters superior to Cormier in growth. Due to the wider arm span and excellent ability to carry out the accented blows at a furious pace, Stipe feels fine in the rack. And in the struggle it does not look so bad. But still we offer to bet on a victory for Cormier. Daniel scored an excellent shape and feel very confident, despite his impressive age. Also with great probability the fight will last all five rounds. The outcome may decide the sunit one powerful blow.

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