Forecast for the UFC 241: Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz August 18, 2019

Forecast for the UFC 241: Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz August 18, 2019

Another August event under the auspices of the UFC will be for fans of mixed martial arts a real treat. A key match will be a rematch Cormier and Miocica, in which two eminent heavyweight will determine the winner of the belt among the heavyweights. But on other fights of the main card of UFC 241 will be something to see. In the Welterweight weight class will meet Pettis and Diaz. And the official bookmakers estimate the chances of each of them to succeed almost equally. Our prediction for this match is ready for you.

Where and when?

A celebration of mixed martial arts under UFC title 241 is scheduled for the seventeenth of August. The event will take place in the arena the Honda Center, which is located in Anaheim, California, USA. MMA fans from Russia will be able to join the live broadcast of fighting main card in the morning of the eighteenth of August, at approximately 5:00.

Anthony Pettis vs Nate Diaz: comparison of rivals

Thirty-two year old Anthony Paul Pettis began his professional career as a fighter in 2007. The American, nicknamed "Showtime" came out in the octagon thirty times in twenty-two of them left the cage a winner. Behind him ten knockouts, eight and four Sabinov positive rulings. Inferior Pettis eight one – two knockout, submission and five decisions of the judges.

Since the beginning of summer 2011 Anthony performs in the UFC, where he went after he proved himself in GFS and WEC. Debut in the main promotion of the United States he has not worked – "Showtime" was defeated by a Glue Guideu. But then came an impressive series of five victories in a row. Which gave way to three defeats in 2015-2016. Since then, Pettis continues to alternate Victoria with failures. Over the past half year, the American fought three times. He got on painful reception Michael Chiesa, and then was knocked out by Tony Ferguson, and after submittingfork out Steven Thompson. Now Showtime wants to build on their success.

Have tridtsatipjatiletnego Nate Diaz the same amount of fights as his opponent, thirty. And stronger American was in nineteen of them (four knockouts, twelve Sabinov and three decisions). Lost Nate eleven times (one knockout and submission, nine judicial decisions).

In Ultimate Fighting Championship Diaz from mid-2017. Like Pettis, he can't develop his winning streak in the promotion, Dana white. Last time Nate came to the cage in August 2016 at UFC 202. And then he defeated Connor McGregor. Now, the American athlete hopes to return to the world of MMA.

Anthony Pettis and Nate Diaz: prediction for the fight

Diaz should be slightly greater than the opponent's height and arm span, but inferior in legspan. He is stronger on the ground, but loses in the rack. Although the number of accented beats Nate still ahead of Anthony, sent opponents in the knockout, it is much less. Our forecast – a victory of Pettis. Still, Diaz had not appeared in the octagon and is not in the best condition. But Anthony, which occupies the ninth position in the rankings "Welterweight", still able to move around.

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