The forecast for fight of Bellator 215: Kharitonov, Mitrion

The forecast for fight of Bellator 215: Kharitonov, Mitrion

    15 February in the United States will be held tournament on the mixed martial arts Bellator 215. The main fight of the evening will be a match against Sergei Kharitonov and Matt Mitrione. Bookmakers take bets on the winner, so the editors made a prediction for the fight: Kharitonov, Mitrion.

    Analysis of the fight Kharitonov – Mitrion.

    Sergei Kharitonov is a true veteran of mixed martial arts. Sergey is very diverse fighter, which effectively acts as a rack, and in orchestra seats. The last defeat the Russians suffered in the battle against Xavi Yale in 2016. Since then, Sergey goes on a winning streak and the majority of duels ended ahead of schedule. Solution only defeated Joey Beltran. The rest did not last longer with Kharitonov in the first round.

    Matt Mitrion is not able to compete for the championship belt. Lost in the semi-finals to Ryan Bader. But overall the statistics of the American organization Bellator is very good. He played 5 matches and only one lost. In most cases, Matt won by knockout. The last victory of Mitrione over Roy Nelson took place in the quarterfinals of the Grand Prix of heavyweights.

    The chances of fighters winning the fight Kharitonov – Mitrion.

    Favorite fight is Sergei Kharitonov. The coefficient on his victory ranges from 1.6 to 1.8. To win Matt Mitrione sportsbooks give of 2.2 – 2.3.

    Start with the fact that the chances of success are high for both fighters. In the dimensions of Sergei is not inferior to his opponent. They are almost the same height. But in the span Matt has a comfortable advantage. Mitrion good moves in the octagon, and used to act from a distance. There are suspicions that it can deliver Kharitonov a lot of problems. Also Mitrion has a knockout blow and end the battle with just one hit.

    Sergei highest level of Boxing skills. He's not as mobile as Matt, but it is very well adhered to the plan for fight. That is the level of his fighting mindset is very high. Work combinations and technicality - this is its advantage. Sergey more versatile fighter. Many times he defeated pain and suffocating receptions. But most likely, this time the fighters will work in the rack, so it evens out.

    The forecast for fight Kharitonov – Mitrion.

    We assume that the match will not complete the distance. Too heavy blows at the fighters, and Matt sooner or later gets in a fight in which "either he or his". And if you choose the winner, give preference to Sergey haritonovu. It is more cold-blooded and balanced. Our bet on the fight: early end of the match.