Forecast for the UFC 230: Chris Weidman VS Luke Rokhold

Forecast for the UFC 230: Chris Weidman VS Luke Rokhold

UFC 230 - this is an interesting event in mixed martial arts, prepared by the Ultimate Fighting Championship. It will be held on November 3, 2018 at the indoor stadium Madisonsquaregarden in new York. The octagon will be two former Middleweight champion Luke Rokhold and Chris Weidman, which will determine the second contender.

Christopher James Weidman

  • country – USA;
  • age – 34 years old;
  • weight – 84 kg.
  • height – 1,88 m;
  • arm span – of 1.98 m.

Skyler Luke Rokhold

  • country – USA;
  • age – 33 years;
  • weight – 84 kg.
  • growth of 1.91 m;
  • arm span is 1.96 m.

Career soldiers

At the end of 2015 Luke Rokhold and Chris Weidman have met in the MMA cage. Then won Rokhold, knocking out Weidman in the 4th raynt and currently taking the UFC title. For Weidman it was the first defeat in his career, so the athlete is looking forward to the second meeting.

Luke Rocholl is a serious wrestler, originally from California. He trains at the American Kickboxing Academy and holds a black belt in Brazilian JIU-jitsu. In his career had 20 fights, 16 of them he won, and four were defeated. Your last fight in February of 2018 Luke lost to Yoel Romero.

Chris Wideman is also the last time not everything went smoothly in one's career: losing 3 of 4. In July 2017 Chris submicron defeated the Calvin Gastelum, but the previous 3 fights Weidman lost.


Bookies give more chances Rochelle and take bets with odds:

  • the victory of Chris Weidman – 1,61;
  • to win Luke Rokhold – 2,4;
  • on the draw – 70.