Forecast for the UFC 233: Cejudo vs Dillashaw

Forecast for the UFC 233: Cejudo vs Dillashaw

    26 January 2019 at UFC 233 will be a fight between Henry Cejudo and T. J., Dillashaw. Cejudo will protect the champion title UFC in the easiest weight. In anticipation of this momentous event in the MMA world edition prepared a forecast for the winner. The opinion of our experts will help to make a winning bet in the bookmaker.

    The chances of the fighters to win.

    For the fourth time in his career, Cejudo is considered an outsider. Dillashaw, was the favorite in 5 of 6 last duels, he has won 4 fights in a row including a match against Cody Garbrandt, which were considered the underdogs. Bookmaker Bovada prefers, Dillashaw: rates on its victory are accepted with factor of 1.5, and Cejudo is 2.55.

    Analysis of the fight, Cejudo vs. Dillashaw.

    Dillashaw, famous for his striking technique, he moves well in the octagon and has incredible speed. On average T. J. gets 5.38 beats per minute and takes 2.94 shot. It is worth noting a good defense: Dillashaw blocks 66% of strikes and 86% of the attempts to hold takedown. It forces the opponent to fight in the front where T. J. has the advantage. Half of the 16 victories he earned a technical knockout. Rivals cannot survive under a hail of blows.

    Cejudo is a high class wrestler who won the gold medal in freestyle wrestling at the Olympic games in Beijing in 2008. In 8 out of 9 fights in the UFC Henry spent at least 1 successful takedown. From Cejudo, like most other fighters, great endurance and cardiosystems. It can hold all 5 rounds at an incredible speed and to exhaust the opponent in orchestra seats. Henry has significantly tightened the shock technique, thanks to this he managed to knock out Wilson Reis at UFC 215 in 2017. Cejudo won 13 wins in mixed martial arts, most of them (9) the decision of the judges.

    The fight, Cejudo vs. Dillashaw is an interesting confrontation between a talented drummer and a wrestler who won gold at the Olympics. Cejudo have little chance to stand against Dillashaw in the rack, so it will try to transfer fight to orchestra seats. However, given the excellent protection, Dillashaw from takedown, it will be a difficult task for a fighter. T. J. recently took off 4.5 pounds and now weighs 56.6 kg. He will flit across the octagon like a butterfly and sting like a wasp.

    In most fights where Grappler and drummer, a favorite is the fighter. For example, we can recall the fight Conor McGregor vs Habib Nurmagomedov. However, in the fight, Cejudo vs. Dillashaw the situation will be different: in our opinion, the victory of Dillashaw. From Cejudo not the best stats of takedowns, combined with excellent protection, Dillashaw, we can assume that Cejudo will not be able to transfer fight to orchestra seats, and in a rack he doesn't have much of a chance.