Forecast for the UFC fight 235: Woodley vs Usman

Forecast for the UFC fight 235: Woodley vs Usman

    March 2 235 UFC Tyron Woodley will defend the championship belt in the Welterweight division in a fight against Camara Usman. Bookmakers take bets on the winner of the bout, so the editors made a prediction for the UFC fight 235: Woodley vs Usman.

    Analysis of the fight Woodley vs Usman.

    The favorite of the match is considered Tyron Woodley, the odds on American take a factor of 1,625. The bookies favoured Tyrone in 4 of last 5 fights, this prediction proved to be correct in all cases: Woodley won in 4 matches, however, the fight against Stephen Thompson at UFC 205 in 2016 ended in a draw. Tyrone managed to defend the championship belt 5 times in the last protection 8 September 2018 he won the fight choke in the second round.

    In the UFC, Woodley has won 9 battles and lost only twice in 2013 in a match against Jake shields in 2014 against Rory MacDonald. In 2016, Americans won a victory over Robbie Lawler in a battle for the title of champion and won the long-awaited belt. In mixed martial arts, Tyrone has spent 23 fights, 19 of them ended with victory. Woodley has won 6 fights by knockout and 6 submision, and also received 3 awards UFC:

    • "The best fight of the night" in the fight against Stephen Thompson.
    • "The best knockout of the night" in the battle against Josh Koschek.
    • "Performance of the night" battle with Robbie Lawler.

    Ousmane Camara for the first time in 2015 was among the outsiders. Bets on the victory of Nigerian are accepted by a factor of 2.4. Usman won 14 of 15 fights UFC, the average odds of winning a Camara all matches made 1,22.

    First and only defeat Usman suffered in 2013 in the battle against Jose Caceres. Of the 14 victories, 6 were won by knockout, 1 submicron and 7 by decision. In 2018 Kamara took the 7th place in the ranking of UFC fighters in the Welterweight weight class and received the right to compete for the championship belt.

    Who would win in a fight Woodley vs Usman?

    Usman - is a high level wrestler, in childhood and youth he participated in competitions in wrestling and three times won the status of all-American athlete. Kamara spends an average of 4.47 of takedown per 15 minutes and is famous for its technique of ground-and-pound. However, Woodley boasts excellent protection from takedown - he blocks 94% of attempts to transfer the fight to the ground, the only fighter who managed to successfully hold takedown against Tyrone Woodley, Rory MacDonald.

    Woodley is a former freestyle wrestler, however, he shows excellent results in the rack: Tyrone scored 5 wins by knockout. Shock Usman lacks knockout power, so he will have chances to win only if he can take the fight to the ground. Given the protection of Tayrona from takedowns and his wrestling skills (Woodley has won 6 battles submicron), the probability of winning Camara Usman is extremely small. In our opinion, Tyron Woodley will win and defend a championship belt in a 6 second time. Most likely, the fight will last all 5 rounds and the winner will be determined by the decision of the judges.