Forecast for the UFC fight 238: Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes

Forecast for the UFC fight 238: Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes

    A key confrontation of the UFC 238, which will be held soon, will be the Cejudo fight and Moraes. Will the American to combine two titles in a fight with an experienced Brazilian? Or belt in the easiest weight will go to Marlon? So who will get the belt? Forecast revision you can learn right now.

    Where and when?

    The championship fight will take place in Chicago, United States. It will take arena called United center. Moscow time wrestling Cejudo and Moraes worth the wait towards the morning. It will begin around 5:00.

    Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes: comparison of rivals

    Not so long ago Cejudo competed in the Flyweight division. And he was the only one who managed to kill the king of the division – Demetrius Johnson. After the fight with "Mighty mouse" Henry decided to accept the challenge descended on a category below T. J., Dillashaw. And Henry sent his eminent opponent in a knockout already in the thirty-second second of the first round.

    That's just too late , Dillashaw caught using illegal drugs. He selected a belt of light weight, which after suspension became vacant. For him now to fight Cejudo, who decided to climb into the above category, and its first Challenger Moraes.

    Overall in his career, Henry spent sixteen MMA fights. And in sixteen of them the Olympic champion was defeated fourteen times. On account of his six knockouts and eight positive rulings.

    Let us remember that Cejudo won the title and held him in the Flyweight division, and only then, after sending in a knockout of Dillashaw decided to move to a higher weight. What's next?

    What? Thirty-one contender, holds a black belt JIU-jitsu, has every right to try to "roll” easier (until recently) boyfriend. Just let it do it Moraes? Even though he is the main contender for the belt at Bantamweight with a solid result in the asset (twenty-two wins, twenty-eight fights). On his account the same unbeaten run like Cejudo, only in this weight. Marlon had previously had to deal with John Dodson, Angelina sterling, Jimmy Rivera and Rafael Suncanom. A well-deserved track record, if that.

    Words before the fight

    Start would be worth with the words of the chief in the UFC. Dana white clearly stated its position, making clear that both guys want to win the title in a confrontation. And the situation with Dillashaw just furthered.

    Later Cejudo told the press that Moraes seems to him a much more dangerous opponent than TJ. And he didn't get the title only because he had no time to meet Dillashaw. Although Henry and said that he considers himself to move faster and more aggressively than his opponent.

    Marlon also with respect to the opponent. But in any case we do not consider it weaker than themselves.

    Henry Cejudo vs Marlon Moraes: a prediction for the fight

    Both fighters deserved to win. But the Brazilian is superior to the American, by weight, and in size (respectively, span). One can only hope that the championship fight will not go in a boring finishing moves. In the pit both teams can put up a fight. But still each of them looks much more confident in the rack. So our forecast is for an early victory to one player. And likely the winner of this fight will be Cejudo.

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