The forecast for fight of UFC FN 155: Juraj Faber vs Ricky Simon

The forecast for fight of UFC FN 155: Juraj Faber vs Ricky Simon

    Let the next July tournament from the UFC and will not be matches for the championship belt, but generally to the card, in addition to bout de Rands and Ladd scheduled to have five matches. And one of them will meet Juraj Faber and Ricky Simon. And this is the second of them leading bookmakers called the favorite. But it is just Ricky to cope with Juraj in the octagon? Let's deal.

    Where and when?

    Another summer event under the auspices of the UFC will take place on the thirteenth of July in Sacramento, on site the Golden 1 Center. Since the tournament will be held in the United States (specifically in California), all fans of the mixed single combats of Russia must remember about the difference in time zones. That is, Moscow time, fights of the main card of UFC Fight Night will begin the fourteenth of July, about three o'clock in the morning GMT.

    Juraj Faber vs Ricky Simon: comparison of rivals

    Forty-year veteran Juraj Faber held in a cage on a professional level forty-four fights. And even the change of categories between the Bantamweight and Featherweight weight has not prevented American produce thirty-four wins in forty four games. Also it is worth reminding that the fighter nicknamed "The California Kid" for some time interrupted his quite successful career. But more on that later. In thirty-four Victoria Juraj seven times knocked out opponents, nineteen times forced them to surrender and seven times won after the decision of the judges. He conceded ten times (three knockouts and seven decisions). That is, no one has managed to catch the American on the painful or suffocating reception.

    In early 2011, Faber moved to UFC. But to call it a career in the main world promotion is unlikely to succeed. Juraj alternated victories with defeats. And in the end, after losses to Dominic Cruz and Jimmy River it is well with brad Piccatta and decided to retire. This happenedaxis in 2016. And in 2017 Faber ... included in the Hall of glory of UFC for his services.

    In part so the veteran decided to resume his career. And now he's ready to wrestle with the younger compatriot.

    Twenty-six Ricky Simon began performing in the octagon in 2012. Since that time the American has chalked up fifteen wins (five knockouts, two Sabina and eight positive decisions) in sixteen matches. Throughout my career, Ricky has lost only once. In March 2016, he had to give up after a welcome from Anderson DOS Santos. Then Simon gently moved under the wing of Dana white from the UFC. And career American went up again.

    Simon are unbeaten since that ill-fated battle in March 2016. And since that time Ricky came out into the octagon eight times. And now fifteenth of the room the lightest weight class the UFC has a good chance to break into the top ten contenders.

    Juraj Faber vs Ricky Simone: the forecast for fight

    Let vs Ricky in a cage and will have experienced many a veteran who has lost in speed and power. But all the same hardly more than a young soldier is just in the upcoming battle. Yes, he's younger. Yes, our forecast is his victory, Victoria Simon. But it is unlikely she will get just in a battle with such a great athlete.

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