Forecast for the match UFC FIGHT NIGHT 152: Arce vs Eros

Forecast for the match UFC FIGHT NIGHT 152: Arce vs Eros

    May 19th in the tournament UFC FIGHT NIGHT 152 in Rochester will host the match between Julio Arce and Julian Arasoi. Bookmakers take bets on the winner, so the editors made a prediction for the fight: Jorge Arce vs Eros.

    Analysis of the battle Arce vs Eros

    Julio Arce is a Colombian fighter, he is 28 years old. Until 2017 at the tournament ROC. After won the show Dana white and got the right to fight in the UFC. 've been here for three fights, two victories. Solution defeated Dan Yoke and submicron Daniel Teymur. In the last match lost to Samano Moraes. Track record: 13 victories, 3 ahead, 5 submision.

    Julian Eros – the American fighter, he is 29 years old. Julian has twice got the start in the strongest League in the world. His first campaign in the UFC was not too successful. He spent 4 fights, 2 won, 2 lost. Started to play for other organizations and had the right to fight in the UFC. Julian spent two more fights and lost again. Knockout Devonte Smith and the decision to Grant Dawson. Record: 21 wins, 9 ahead of time, submissa 8, 8 losses.

    Bookmakers odds in the fight Arce vs Eros







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    Who would win in a fight Arce vs Eros?

    Julian has a great advantage in anthropometryand that he is not always well used.

    In the statistics of udarci both inflict the same number of hits, but Eros is much more accurate. The percent accuracy: 53% Julian and 32% from Julio. But the protection is much better fulfills Colombian. He misses 2.8 beats per minute, Eros 5.5 strikes. Arce takes from attacks in 67% of cases, Julian just 48%. Arossa may try to keep the opponent at distance and to disassemble it for better accuracy.

    Translate both are very rare. But to work in the stalls can often win submitname. About Julio Arce say that he is very dangerous in submicro and can be collected from literally any position. His level of JIU-jitsu much higher than Julian. Also from the ARS great protection from takedown – 93%, Arose weak defense – only 60%.

    Not to say that Julian is such a clear underdog, the way I see the bookmakers. And the chances of him definitely is, although smaller than the ARS. So to put on the victory of Julio at this low coefficient is very risky. In the UFC often happens apcity. We do not recommend taking this fight for betting on the winner. In this case, suitable bet per round, which begins. The match will start the second round, Yes.