Forecast for the match UFC FIGHT NIGHT 152: Megan Anderson vs Felicia Spencer

Forecast for the match UFC FIGHT NIGHT 152: Megan Anderson vs Felicia Spencer

    May 19th in the tournament UFC FIGHT NIGHT 152 in Rochester will host the women's confrontation between Megan Anderson and Felicia Spencer. Bookmakers take bets on the winner, so the editors made a prediction for the fight: Anderson vs. Spencer.

    Analysis of the battle of Anderson vs Spencer

    Megan Anderson is an athlete from Australia competed in the Invicta promotion. Last year he started in the UFC. Is a promising fighter. In his debut match she had to fight with an experienced Holly Hill, where it is naturally lost. In the next match Megan confirmed its ambitions and stopped ahead of cat Zingano. Her track record has 9 wins, 5 early and 3 defeats.

    Felicia Spencer – athlete hails from Canada, she was 28 years old. Felicia has also performed under the Invicta banner. In 2012 he suffered the only defeat of his career. Then it was her first professional fight. Her record is 7 wins, 2 early, 3 submisson, 1 loss.

    Bookmakers odds in the match Anderson vs Spencer







    Of 1.82




    Of 2.05



    Who would win in a fight Anderson vs Spencer?

    Megan Anderson is very tall for his weight class. And practically in eachthe first match has one great advantage in anthropometry. And this fight is no exception. Megan above its opponent into 15 cm.

    The odds on the fight is justified. It is impossible to distinguish a clear favourite, as both girls just beginning their careers in the UFC and does not Shine skills.

    Megan had already played two games, both with very strong grandmasters. Because of this, we give her a slight advantage. But in the counter Anderson is still far from high level. Its dimensions serve her a great bonus. And in the fight Anderson is very weak. It was translated and controlled the Hill, which in its basis productive. Takedown defense Megan only 50%.

    Felicia Spencer has a good track record, but we know very little about it. She succeeds a little bit in the front, a little in the fight. But on the same level as in the UFC this will be enough. The match is very unpredictable.

    We predicted the victory of Megan Anderson. Give reasons for its decision by the fact that the main role in combat will play the dimensions of the Australian experience and its confrontation with the best opposition.