Forecast for the UFC fight of the century: Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson

Forecast for the UFC fight of the century: Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson

    The leadership of the UFC once again undertook the development of the match between Habib and Tony. Previously, the fight tried to organize 4 times, but every time something went wrong. About the meeting Nurmagomedov and Ferguson has not officially announced. But the world's bookmakers are already taking bets on the winner, so the editors made a prediction for the fight: Nurmagomedov vs Fergusonn

    Analysis of the fight Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson.

    Habib Nurmagomedova 30 years, he is the current UFC champion in the lightweight division. Also, the Russians included in the list of the best fighters P4P. After defeating McGregor, Khabib has strengthened his legacy. But on the other hand, Nurmagomedov has been suspended and is now 9 months old will not be able to hold fights. For Habib plus the fact that the term otsraneniya is counted from the date of his last fight. Record fighter: 27 wins, 9 submisson, 8 ahead, 0 losses.

    Tony Ferguson 34 years. He is considered a top contender to fight with Habib. The American goes on a long series of 11 victories. Tony lost the last time about 8 years ago. The last two fights Ferguson sasamail Kevin Lee and ahead of schedule coped with Anthony Pettis. Record: 24 wins, 10 ahead of schedule, 9 submisson, 3 losses.

    Who would win in a fight Nurmagomedov vs Ferguson?

    To begin with, that will announce the favourite. The victory of Habib taking bets with odds of 1,5, Tony can put on between 2.5 and 2.7.

    Tony Ferguson is taller, has a superiority in reach. If we consider the work in the rack, that is supposed to look American. His style is awkward and unpredictable, but an excellent physics is his trump card.

    But if you look at the statistics, then we say that the advantage of Tony small. He gets many, many hits. However, the accuracy of Habib is also high, but to protect the Russian works better. Habib's progress in this component is obvious. So if he concedes, it is not much.

    Now consider the fight. And here is the obvious favorite is Nurmagomedov. He spends a lot of takedowns and its implementation above 60%. Just a fantastic figure. Tony boasts good protection from the translations to the ground: it blocks about 76% of attempts. But in the fight with Nurmagomedov is not enough. We are confident that Habib will be able to control the opponent and not give him space. Tony is able to hold the reception, but it is unlikely Habib would allow him to do it. And due to the active actions on the ground, Nurmagomedov will score points. Not ruling out an early victory, "eagle." Our prediction for the fight: the victory of Habib Nurmagomedov.