Bookmakers take bets Nurmagomedov vs Mayweather

Bookmakers take bets Nurmagomedov vs Mayweather

    After a landslide victory over Conor McGregor in the UFC 229 Russian MMA champion Khabib Nurmagomedov took the fight to boxer Floyd Mayweather. Bookmakers immediately reacted to the news and began to take bets on the likelihood of the match the two athletes.

    On 14 October the Director of Mayweather Promotions Leonard Ellerbe has published in Instagram videowhere Habib is a challenge to Floyd. Nurmagomedov said: "Come on, Floyd! I am ready to fight. Your 50 wins vs my 27. Two guys who never lost. Why not?! There is only one king – and this, of course, me. Because you failed to put on the ring of the MacGregor and I did it easily."

    In response to the invitation of Habib Mayweather in a hurry to warm up the audience

    Mayweather, advised the TV channels to prepare the money: "the CBS, Showtime and the MGM Grand, prepare the checkbook!" Apparently, this phrase means that Floyd is not averse to fight with Nurmagomedov, but only for a good fee!

    At the moment, the next opponent of Habib is still unknown. The athletic Commission still has not decided on sanctions against the Russians, most likely, Nurmagomedov will be suspended for a period of 4 to 6 months for the fight with sparring partner McGregor Dillon Denis. Also, there are rumors that Habib can go from UFC to Bellator, WFCA-"Ahmad" or M-1.

    According to Russian bookmakers, the fight Nurmagomedov vs Mayweather unlikely.

    Office take bets that the fight will take place, with odds of 4.80, and that the battle will not 1.15. If both fighters still will meet in the ring, what rules they will fight? Fans considering Nurmagomedovyut, that the eagle has no chance to win if the fight will be part of a Boxing match.

    Now Nurmagomedov has no scheduled fights, so his next opponent remains open. Habib refused to fight-a rematch with McGregor despite the huge fee that he was offered the command of the Irish - $15 million!

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