UFC 236: Owens St Prue – Nikita Krylov

UFC 236: Owens St Prue – Nikita Krylov

    In one of the fights of the main card of the UFC will converge 236 Owens St Prue and Nikita Krylov. Who will leave the octagon with a victory: American or Ukrainian? After all, the odds on the success of each of them in the bookmakers are virtually the same. So what is a bet on their opposition to do better?

    Where and when?

    Fights of the main card of UFC 236 will go to Atlanta, Georgia, on the night of the thirteenth to the fourteenth of April. They will State Farm Arena. According to Moscow time the duel American and Ukrainian soldiers will start roughly at five in the morning of the resurrection.

    Comparison rivals

    Thirty-six of Owens St Prue the great skills of free-style wrestling and for a long time was engaged in kickboxing. Out of thirty four fights, the American has won twenty-three. And eleven times he knocked out his opponents and seven forced them to surrender. Also in the asset Avensa five Victoria after judicial decisions.

    Last year St. Prue spent three games – against Ilir Latifi, Tyson Pedro and Dominic Reyes. He won only Pedro and in the other two games lost (Latifi caught him by rear naked choke, but Reyes proved to be stronger than the judges.

    Twenty-seven, Nikita Krylov, who trains in Moscow, went to the octagon thirty times. And he has twenty-four victories. All ahead of time: ten knockouts and fourteen by submission. On the form of Nikita, after three wins in a row (over Becausem, Newton and Maldonado), he lost to Jan Blachowicz. The poles forced the Ukrainian to give up, catching him in a triangle with his hands. So the wings will definitely be motivated for successful performance.

    Owens St Prue vs Nikita Krylov: a prediction for the fight

    Both athletes deserve to win. On the side of Krylov's ability to conduct lightning-fast strikes and Ko power. But Ovens CENT Prue is able to survive in difficult moments. And he tells his experience. But we propose to take a risk and bet on the Ukrainians. And it is possible that he will win ahead of time.

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