27 UFC TUF FINALE: brad Katona vs Jay Cuccinello

27 UFC TUF FINALE: brad Katona vs Jay Cuccinello

    Already in July the first event the UFC will give viewers just a few memorable fights. The headliner of the UFC TUF Finale 27 that Moscow time will begin in the night from Friday to Saturday (from the sixth to the seventh) will be a meeting of the Tavares and Adesanya. But also fans of mixed martial arts expect and the final two of the match – Mike Trizano come to blows with Joe Jeannette, and brad Katona will compete with J. Cuccinello.

    It is noteworthy that for a long time the name of the opponent Katona was hiding behind the acronym TBA. That is, "Superman" almost to the last did not know whom it will enter the octagon, while managers from the UFC continued to find him a worthy opponent.

    Brad Katona

    Twenty-six native canadian from Winnipeg was able to hold seven fights and "collect scalps" all his rivals. An impressive result. And now he's ready for yet to the main opposition in his career – the final of TUF 27.

    J. Cuccinello

    Far more experienced, Cuccinello, who had turned thirty-one years, came into the octagon as a Pro on twice. And all nine times left him as the winner. But at the moment it is unlikely to be something superior to his opponent.

    Brad Katona against J. Cuccinello: forecast for battle

    Like most of the world's largest bookmakers, we are much more confident in the victory of the younger and rolling the loonie. Still, Cato fought against more serious opponents and he is fully able to overcome Cuccinello, which is not in the best form. Our forecast – a victory of brad.

    Predictions for the other fights MMA are waiting for you here.

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