27 UFC TUF FINALE brad Tavares vs Israel Adesanya

27 UFC TUF FINALE brad Tavares vs Israel Adesanya

    The main promotion of the United States made the fans of mixed martial arts a whole series of exciting events in July. And some of them will take place very soon. For example, The Ultimate Fighter Finale 27. And the main fight of the event will be a fight brad Tavares and Israel Adesanya.

    Where and when?

    27 UFC TUF Finale will be held on the sixth of July on the territory of Las Vegas, in the U.S. state of Nevada. It will take T-Mobile Arena, which often hosts various events promotion. In addition pyatirazovoe fight Tavares and Adesanya viewers are waiting for other interesting confrontations. In particular, the battle Trizano Mike and Joe Jeanette who has never lost in the octagon.

    For lovers of live broadcasts it is important to remember the difference in time zones. Moscow time, preliminary fights "profit" will begin broadcasting in about an hour the night of the seventh of June, that is on Saturday. And the fight, the main card should be expected towards the morning.

    Comparison rivals

    Tavares thirty-year professional career, was able to hold to this point of the twenty-one game. Seventeen of them he has won ten of them after the judges ' decision, five by knockout and two submicron. Inferior as American four times – two defeats in his statistics after the knockouts and the same amount after the judicial decisions.

    Brad has not lost since may 2015, when he was knocked out by a series of powerful strokes of Robert Whittaker. After that Tavares had four bouts all ended in his favor. In 2018, the athlete is fought. He fought with Christophe Jotko the fourteenth of April, and dealt with it through the hail of blows in the third round.

    Twenty-eight year old, but still considered very promising, Adesanya yet never lost in the octagon. Nand account of his thirteen matches and as many victories. With twelve of them it had ended in knockouts, and only one fight held completely, and then heard the judges ' decision in their favor.

    Fighting Nigerian punctually. This year he has already held twice – in February against Rob Wilkinson, who scored with his hands and knees in the second round against Marvin Vettori (win because of the split decision of the judiciary).

    Words before the fight

    Tavares sure that he had tried to write off after the defeat of Romero and Beech, and then from Whittaker. Now he's glad he didn't lose four fights in a row. And ready to continue his winning streak.

    Sure of his triumph and his opponent, who many call one of the most promising representatives of his weight in the UFC. Adesanya believes that Tavares has nothing to surprise him. American, according to the Nigerian, for him to read the book. And "such a common, ordinary soldier" he is going to pass without any problems.

    Brad Tavares vs Israel Adesanya: forecast for battle

    Both opponents are quite strong and dangerous. But we, like most bookmakers, believe in another victory of not playing (yet) the Nigerian. Our prediction – another triumph of Adesanya. And for this it may not be necessary to spend in the octagon all five rounds.

    Predictions for the other fights MMA are waiting for you here.

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