Holloway triumph over Ortega at UFC 231.

Holloway triumph over Ortega at UFC 231.

    On December 8 at UFC 231 Max Holloway will defend the championship belt in the Featherweight weight class in a bout against Brian Ortega. MMA fans are already preparing to make bets in bookmakers, so the editors Online-bookmakers.ru prepared fresh prediction on the winner of the main fight Fight Night.

    Holloway is the favorite, according to bookmakers.

    Holloway and Ortega had to fight in the tournament UFC 226, however, Max was removed from the competition due to health problems. Holloway has not played in the octagon for a year, despite this, the bookies believe that the winner of the battle would be it. Ortega this year has played just one match against Frankie Edgar at UFC 222. This battle ended in victory for Brian in the first knockout round.

    Bookmaker Bovada accepts bets on the victory of Holloway with a factor of 1.6, and Ortega and 2.2.

    Analysis of the fight Holloway vs Ortega.

    Holloway won at UFC 19 wins, 7 of them by TKO. On account of the American only 3 defeats in 2013 he lost the battle against Conor McGregor and Dennis Bermudez, while in 2012 against Dustin Poirier. Holloway takes the 4th place in the list of the best fighters regardless of weight category according to the version of the UFC and Sherdog.

    According to statistical data, Max causes 6,2 beats per minute and blocks 83% of the attempts to hold takedown. In 2014, nobody has been able to put Holloway back on the mats.

    Brian Ortega had 14 fights in the UFC and has not lost a single battle. On account of Brian submisson 7 wins, 2 by Ko and 1 by TKO. In March of this year at UFC 222 Ortega put Frankie Edgar with a powerful uppercut, it was the first defeat by knockout in his career Frankie.

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    In each duel, Ortega lost to the opponent by the number of strikes: Brian gets on average 3.65 beats per minute and takes of 5.27 per minute. Thanks to its fantastic strength and endurance Ortega manages to stay on his feet and defeat the enemy. He has a wonderful physique.

    In the battle against Holloway Ortega will focus on JIU-jitsu, his Boxing skills is not enough to surpass the max in a rack. Trump Holloway - a spectacular and effective style of fighting that is based on kickboxing. In the Arsenal of fighters turntables, knees, elbows and different combinations. We will see the traditional confrontation of two different styles of wrestling and striking techniques. The Holloway excellent protection from takedowns, so Ortega will have little chance to transfer fight to orchestra seats, and in front, of course, win Max.