Overview of the fight Wladimir Klitschko-Bryant Jennings, betting, forecast

What to expect from the fight Wladimir Klitschko and Bryant Jennings?

ставки букмекеров на бой Владимира Кличко и Брайант ДженнингсThe fight at the beginning of the year was in jeopardy due to financial demands Jennings will still take place. Sides athletes have managed to agree among themselves and with the organizers of the match. Most well-known bookmakers are already taking bets on this meeting, which many called one of the most significant this year in the world of professional Boxing. It is these two heavyweight will determine the new holder of four championship belts.

Currently, all four titles (the version of the IBO, WBO, WBA and IBF) belong to the Ukrainian. But the American, who is known as the best boxer of the United States, have all chances to fight for the belt.

Where and when?

The match can be seen on the twenty-fifth of April. It will be held in new York hall Madison Square Garden. Thus, the fight against Jennings will be Klitschko first in seven years with a performance overseas.

Tickets for this show can be purchased at a price of one hundred to thousands of dollars. You can also get a VIP invitation for three and a half thousand. It gives right to a place in the first ten rows of the ring and to receive a free pair of Boxing gloves autographed by the Ukrainian athlete.

Odds bookmakers for the fight of Wladimir Klitschko and Bryant Jennings

Коэффициенты букмекеров на бой Владимира Кличко и Брайант Дженнингс

Small compared to boxers

Vladimir, who at the end of March was thirty-nine, spent aboutprofessional Boxing and sixty six fights of which he won sixty-three (fifty-three of them by knockout). Unlike Klitschko, inferior in his career, three times, thirty Bryant the bitterness of defeat is not yet know. He won all of his nineteen fights, and ten of them were knock-outs.

Klitschko is seven inches taller than his opponent, but inferior to him in the same seven inches in reach. As for the weight athletes, in normal conditions, Vladimir almost nine pounds heavier than Bryant, but the American to the most significant fight in his career maybe to gain a little mass.

So who's the favorite - forecast

Virtually the entire world community believes that Klitschko will easily cope with the protection of titles. On average, the coefficient on his victory in few places exceeds 1.06. At the same time, putting on Jennings, you can hit a real big score, as his win odds are on average equal to 8.

schedule for Boxing

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