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European championship 2020 football: schedule, odds

Чемпионат Европы по футболу 2020

UEFA Euro 2020 will be the sixteenth tournament of the best teams of the Old world. And coming event is already impresses with its scale. So what should we know about the main football competition of Europe today?

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The America's Cup in 2019 football: schedule, odds

Кубок Америки по футболу 2019

Main football event of the New world this year will take place very soon. So what you need to know about the championship, which is held under the auspices of CONMEBOL, and will gather the best teams in North and South America, and now Asia? We hasten to tell you.

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World Cup 2018: schedule, odds

календарь футбола

What is the most important event for millions of sports fans around the world? Correctly, the world Cup. The tournament in 2018, the year the first time in history will be held in Russia, which opens up opportunities for fans to personally attend games featuring top teams from around the world, as well as to bet on the World Cup pabout football world Cup 2018 through online bookmakers.

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The UEFA Champions League 2018-2019: Schedule, rules

УЕФА 2018/2019 смотреть чемпионат

The Champions League is rightly considered the most prestigious club football tournament, collecting only the top teams of Europe.The possession of the title of Champions League winner not only gives the right to be called the best team of "Old world", but also to take part in the game for the Intercontinental Cup.

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The UEFA Europa League 2018-2019

Лига Европы УЕФА обзор команд

The Europa League is the second important European club tournament, which is second in prestige only to the Champions League. For a long time it was called the UEFA Cup, and only recently acquired its present name.

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The championship of Russia on football Premier League

Чемпионат России по футболу Премьер-Лига информация

Football is certainly a game number in the world and in Russia in particular, attracting millions of fans. The main competition in the Russian professional football is the national championship – Premier League.

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The championship of England football Premier League 2018-2019

Чемпионат Англии по футболу 2018 расписание матчей

British football championship is the oldest in the world and has more than a century. Today it is also the most expensive League to play in the dream for any player.

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The championship of the Spanish football La Liga

Чемпионат Испании по футболу Ла Лига фавориты

The Spanish championship is today one of the most popular in the world, and based on the results of the UEFA rankings, the strongest in Europe, and therefore in the world.

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The German championship on football 2018-2019 Bundesliga

Чемпионат Германии по футболу 2018-2019гг Бундеслига описание

Football in Germany has always been the # 1 game, and the success of German football has always been visible on the national team level and club level.

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The Belgian championship on football 2018-2019 Jupiler Pro Liga

Чемпионат Бельгии по футболу 2018-2019 Jupiler Pro Liga расписание игр

Belgian championship for his age is one of the old-timers of Europe. Adjacent to England, the country quickly adopted the love of football by organizing the regular Championships.

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The Portuguese League 2018-2019 Primeira

Чемпионат Португалии по футболу 2018-2019гг Примейра результаты матчей

The Portuguese League is one of the oldest regular European football Championships. First, the tournament was attended by only eight clubs, but gradually their number increased.

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The Italian championship on football 2018, 2019 series a

Чемпионат Италии по футболу 2018-2019гг Серия А регламент турнира

The Italian League is one of the oldest in Europe. His first draw was held 87 years ago. Local clubs and the national team has always set the tone in European football, and names such as AC Milan, Juventus or inter are well known even to those who may not identify themselves as football fans.

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The UEFA Champions League: schedule, odds

календарь футбола

The UEFA Champions League is the main football championship in which the main prize "Cup of Champions of UEFA," fight only the best soccer teams in the world. The popularity of the UEFA Champions League is off the charts, it is not strange that could not take advantage of the bookmaker's sweepstakes gives everyone the opportunity to bet on a team for which sick.

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The championship of Russia on football Premier League: schedule, odds

Календарь футбольных событий, расписание матче

Premier League Russia , is the highest football division, which involves the best teams of the Russian Federation. The championship is held annually, starts in late summer, the final matches are held in may next year. Football clubs prize winners are allowed to participate in the more popular tournaments like Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

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Europa League: schedule, odds

Ставки на Лигу Европы: расписание, коэффициенты

The Europa League is the second most important football event of our continent, gathers hundreds of thousands of fans and football lovers. The championship starts every year in mid-summer, finishing in late spring of next year. Such a popular event could not remain without attention of the bookmakers...

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The championship of England football Premier League : schedule, odds

Ставки на футбольную Лигу Англии

Premier League England the top division of English football, the matches PLA gather hundreds of thousands of fans and supporters. There really is something to see, the training teams sometimes staggering, because their main motivation is not only the main trophy of the championship "FA Cup", but the possibility of getting to the UEFA Champions League or Europe

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The championship of the Spanish football La Liga: schedule, odds

Ла Лига Чемпионат Испании: расписание, коэффициенты, ставки на футбольные матчи

La Liga - the top division of Spanish football, which is known by almost every football fan. After all, Spain is famous for the strongest in the preparation of the football clubs, which has won the Champions League, all undoubtedly heard about such teams like real and Barca

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German Bundesliga football Bundesliga: schedule, odds

Календарь футбольных событий для ставок

Bundesliga is the main football championship of Germany. The participation of the strongest football clubs in the country and the planet as a whole. Proof - the German victory at the football World Cup 2014. Such a popular tournament could not be seen by online betting offices. Everyone can follow the most interesting matches of the Bundesliga, but to do it on a bet.

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The championship of Italy on football Premier League Serie a: schedule, odds

Чемпионат италии по футболу серия А

Series a the Championship of Italy on football, is the highest division. Here only play the best players and football teams in the country. The tournament is held annually, starts in early autumn, the final matches are held in the middle of summer. The results of which, the top teams are eligible to participate in the Champions League and the UEFA Europa League

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Cup Portugal football - Liga Sagres: schedule, rates

tugalii.jpg" alt="Portugal football - Liga Sagres" width="70" />

The Portuguese championship is reminiscent of the championship of Spain, but at the same time has a number of significant differences. Liga Sagres – a kind of cradle for the growing of outstanding stars. It is from a number of local clubs (e.g., sporting, Benfica and, of course, Port) began a career of many football players in the world. And it concerns not only players like Cristiano Ronaldo, but also coaches the level of Jose Mourinho.

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Cup Belgium football - Jupiler Pro League: schedule, rates

Чемпионат бельгии

The Belgian championship in football or whatever he's called Jubile Pro League is the main football competition of the Belgians. Every year, it is decided which team will represent the country in the Champions League and UEFA Europa.

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African Cup of Nations football championship 2015: schedule, odds

Ставки на футбол через интернет

While the main football Championships took a break to rest before the group stage, in Africa, 17 January the start of the championship for the African Cup of Nations, which will continue until 8 February 2015. Everyone can not only watch out for the COPinnovasium, but also to bet

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Football Nation: schedule, odds

Ставки на футбол через интернет

The League of Nations is a new tournament from the UEFA, which is destined to replace "futile" international friendlies between European teams. In the future with the help of the teams from the Old continent will be able not only to increase your ratio in ranking but also to get to the Euro. Debut draw, which is attended by 55 countries has already started.

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